The last message of a 39-year-old Israeli woman who was shot and is missing

And there is nowhere to run. Good luck with that.This is what Romi Eli Bernat, 39, an Israeli mother of three children, wrote in an Instagram story from the Supernova Festival, shortly after the Hamas attack on Israel, which spread terror and blood and led to war in the following days, in the long-suffering Gaza Strip.

Romi Eli Bernat has been missing since Saturday, October 8th, shortly after she posted her message on Instagram. There was no place to run when Hamas stormed the area and fired indiscriminately.

So far, no information about his fate is known, but his partner Gili Yoskovich spoke to the i24 channel about what he experienced at the festival . The two were there to sell their clothes. They were working when chaos broke out around them, rockets fell around them, and terrorists entered the scene.

She said he lost sight of her after seeing the shot for the first time. Gili hid under a tree for hours to avoid being grabbed and shot. Romi did not dodge the bullets.

“I saw my friend die. I saw her with the bullet in her stomach. I tried to take her away from there. He was still breathing. I tried to push her away, but the bullets came from all sides, so there was nothing you could do. I ran a little, I saw policemen shooting in one direction, but they were shot in another direction. All they could do was run away from the bullets, “said Romi’s friend Eli Bernat.

Romi Eli Bernat is not in the hospital, Gili Yoskovich was looking for her everywhere. “I don’t know what happened to my boyfriend. I can’t find them in hospitals. I think there are still people there, but I don’t know if we have control over this area, “said the mother of two, who managed to escape and still doesn’t believe she did it. She had sent her location to her partner while hiding under the tree, and he managed to find her on his motorcycle and kick her out.

The organizer of the supernova music festival described the same scenes of chaos for the Times. At 6: 30 a.m., a rocket attack by the Islamic terrorist organization Hamas began. The crowd ran to their cars in fear to escape. And then the terrorists appeared and started the massacre. The videos of the abductions of women on the festival grounds are terrifying and frightening.

Romi Eli Bernat is a mother of three children and celebrated her birthday only 5 weeks ago . “Thanks to all my friends for the wishes. The best birthday I’ve ever had, “the fashion entrepreneur from Israel wrote on her personal Instagram account at the time.

“The beginning is always difficult, but once you start running, no one will be able to stop you, ” Romi, who creates the FRDM Berlin brand and spent her summer vacation in Mykonos, writes on her Instagram, without being able to imagine what the future holds for her.

That was her motto. Only when everything was said and done, he could not run anywhere. Maybe your best birthday was also your last. Let’s hope with Gili that what she saw, her dying friend, is miraculously denied.

The war between Israel and Hamas has escalated, the death toll in Gaza is steadily increasing.

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