The legal representative of the Dominican Olympic Committee clarified that the application for protection did not include athletes

Dr. Neftal9 Santana, legal representative of the Dominican Olympic Committee (COD), clarified that the protective complaint filed by the Fencing, badminton, Precision Shooting, Moderna Pentathlon and Surfing federations was exclusively and exclusively for the cancellation of the suspension decisions by the Cod Executive Committee.

The legal representative of the COD pointed out that at no time in the lawsuit of the five federations, through their representative, Dr. Ronald Santana, was the obligation imposed on the institution to accept the participation of athletes in the next Pan American Games and Olympic Games imposed.

He pointed out that, based on the debates in the first division of the Civil and Commercial Chamber of the Court of First Instance of the National District, the judge asked the representative of the COD if this decision concerned the athletes, and Neftal9 Santana told him that this was not the case, but informed him that it was the COD that had the legal authority to register athletes for the Games, and the judge announced at the hearing that this lawsuit would be registered in the verdict so that there Respect the rules. who rules

In this regard, Dr. Neftal9 Santana said that the judge pointed out at the hearing that federations could send athletes who could participate in the Pan American Games in Chile or the Olympic Games, subject to the rules established in both multisport events as a request. the judge, not the associations.

He pointed out that the judge’s condition for the participation of athletes in sports events, since the content of the law was rejected, because the court did not have jurisdiction , since these were administrative decisions, and the competent court was the head of administration. and this is therefore stated in the recitals of the judgment .

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