The Liberated WWE star Almost Brought Back the Iconic Cody Rhodes Trick from 12 Years Ago

Yesterday, the wrestling world was shocked by the sudden wave of WWE releases, and several talented people are no longer involved in the promotion. Mace and Mansour are among them.

The duo, known as The Maximum Male Models, hardly had a chance to succeed. However, this was not due to a lack of attempts, as Mace and Mansour recently explained. Shortly after their release, they broadcast on Twitch, sharing many funny stories from their time in WWE.

One of them was the idea of Mansour with the participation of Cody Rhodes . American Nightmare would hit him with a Rhodes Cross, resulting in a “broken nose” and a 2011 version of the “Mutilated” character Cody.

Rhodes started wearing a protective face mask, which made it part of her personality. This trick caused a great response from the WWE. This idea of Mansour was allegedly expressed in response to the fact that people behind the scenes were saying that Maximum Male models should be more aggressive.

See what Mansour said in the Twitch broadcast:

“I wanted him to hit me with a Cross-Rhodes and break my nose. Then I could do Undasshing. I wanted to put on a mask like him and portray an angle in which, in his opinion, I was the ugliest person in the world and a terribly disfigured mutant,” Mansour said. “Everyone kept saying, ‘We want male models to have more advantages, we need more aggressiveness and tenacity. “What can we do?” I kept saying, “Break my nose. I’m that slimy goblin.”

It would be interesting to see WWE bring back the “Undashing” storyline in 12 years, especially with Cody Rhodes involved. Unfortunately, Mace and Mansour were not able to reach their full potential in the promotion.

The two were in good spirits throughout the broadcast and talked about many other superstars like Seth Rollins and La Knight, in addition to the canceled plans of their feud with Alpha Academy.

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