The Love Story of Johnna and Garrett from ‘Love After Lockup’

In the debut season of We TV’s ‘Love After Lockup,’ the tumultuous yet riveting love story of Johnna DiGrigoli and Garrett Tanner left audiences captivated. Their journey, filled with challenges, family dynamics, and unexpected twists, showcased the complexities of love, redemption, and the pursuit of happiness. As viewers followed their unconventional romance, the question lingering in many minds is whether Johnna and Garrett are still together.

The Beginning

The roots of Johnna and Garrett’s relationship were planted in the unconventional world of online connections, with Garrett serving a 7-year sentence for various offenses. Despite the odds, Johnna embarked on a journey that became the focal point of the show. The challenges began with Johnna’s struggle for acceptance from her father, leading to a captivating portrayal of their relationship against the backdrop of family dynamics and Garrett’s criminal history.

Challenges and Complexities

Their journey unfolded onscreen, revealing the clash of values, differing priorities, and the real-life struggles inherent in relationships forged in the crucible of ‘Love After Lockup.’ Tensions peaked when Garrett’s post-prison activities strained their connection, marking a turning point in their seemingly unshakeable bond. Despite their engagement by the season’s end, the future of Johnna and Garrett’s relationship remained uncertain.

The Unraveling

Once the cameras stopped rolling, the couple faced the difficult decision to part ways. Johnna got cold feet before their wedding day, altering the course of their lives. In a ‘Love After Lockup: Where Are They Now?’ episode, Garrett revealed the aftermath, leaving the house and starting a new chapter in his life. He started dating Nelly, but their connection blossomed only after his breakup with Johnna.

Drama Unveiled

The aftermath of their separation wasn’t without drama. Garrett admitted to seeing other women three months after leaving prison, leading to infidelity in his relationship with Johnna. A social media battle ensued between Johnna and Nelly, with revelations of Johnna’s own infidelity during Garrett’s prison term. Despite Garrett’s relationship with Nelly fizzling out, the dynamics between Johnna and Garrett continued to evolve.

Unexpected Turns

Surprising developments surfaced post-breakup. Johnna revealed that she and Garrett had known each other since middle school, contrary to the show’s portrayal. Additionally, Garrett’s father formed an unexpected bond with Johnna, meeting for lunch every week. As of July 2023, their lives took divergent paths, with Johnna embracing single life in Kansas City and Garrett keeping a low profile in Tampa while exploring new romantic avenues.


The love story of Johnna and Garrett from ‘Love After Lockup’ is a rollercoaster of emotions, challenges, and unexpected twists. While their on-screen journey captivated audiences, their off-screen separation unfolded with its share of drama and revelations. As the lives of Johnna and Garrett continue to evolve independently, the legacy of their love story remains etched in the annals of reality TV, leaving viewers wondering about the next chapters in their respective lives.

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