The Michelin guide will launch its first list of the best hotels in the world

The Michelin guide aims to rate the world’s hotels the same as it does elite restaurants

Starting in 2024, the Michelin guide will rate theHotelsin the same way it does with restaurants, which opens a new chapter in the history of this century-old guide, its leader, Gwendal Poullennec, announced on Thursday.

The future hotel ranking will be revealed in the first half of next year, but the format and exact date have yet to be defined.

The guide was created to provide travelers with keys to discover and clarify their choices at a time when there was a deficit of information, recalled the leader of this guide created in 1900 by the brothers André and Edouard Michelin, aimed at travelers . motorists.

Today, on the contrary, they face an avalanche of information. Our users spend an average of 10 hours on screens preparing a trip and consult more than 10 platforms, it is truly an odyssey, he explains.

They tell us that they lack a reference to make a selection, continues the director of the guide since 2018.

That year the group acquired Tablet Hotel , an American website that offers a selection of boutique-hotels, that is, higher-end hotels, with careful decoration.

To respond to this demand and establish in the hotel field a true reference of trust, which is the equivalent of what the Michelin guide is in the world of gastronomy, the group’s teams have been working with those of Tablet Hotel for four years to establish a first selection.

That first list includes 5,300 hotels in 120 countries.

This selection will serve as the basis for the future ranking which, like the famous stars , is based on a team of inspectors who will visit the establishments under anonymity.

Establishments will be given keys, universal and timeless symbols, whose design refers to the stars of the red guide.

Regarding its economic model, the guide focuses on reservations: in the case of restaurants, it charges 1 euro for each place setting reserved through its platform and confirmed.

For hotels booked in the same way, the commission ranges between 10 and 15%, which corresponds to market standards, according to Poullennec, who highlighted the complete separation between the commercial teams and those in charge of selection.

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