The Moment Selena Gomez was Most Ashamed of Her Body

Selena Gomez forgets about the noise from outside and loves herself.

The Calm Down singer recently reflected on how to deal with critics who commented on her body online in 2017, when she was privately battling lupus and ultimately needed a kidney transplant.

None of the sample sizes fit and that would embarrass me, Selena explained to Fast Company in an interview published on October 3rd. However, how unrealistic is it to expect that the body of a normal woman will not change?

The 31-year-old star added that this happened at a time when she no longer had a teenage body.

But a physical change was not the only difficulty he faced at that time. Recalling her much-publicized breakup with Justin Bieber in 2018, the wolf artist noticed that she was starting to compare herself on social media.

I just had a broken heart. “I didn’t have to see what everyone was doing,” Selena, who dated Justin for eight years, recalled. Then there were those moments when I didn’t feel positive about my appearance because of what I saw on Instagram. Wow, I wish my body looked like this.’

But just because the singer was offline and passed her social media passwords to an assistant didn’t mean the Internet trolls were backing down. In fact, at that time, paparazzi took photos of Selena on a short vacation in Australia wearing a bikini with a visible transplant scar, which caused some users to destroy her appearance.

Which prompted the only murders in the Building actress to return to Instagram and tell everyone to calm down.

The Beauty Myth: An obsession with Physical Perfection that keeps a Moderna woman trapped in an endless cycle of hopelessness, self-confidence and self-hatred while trying to fulfill society’s impossible definition of flawless beauty, she published in 2018. I decided to take care of myself because I don’t want to prove anything to anyone. Wind in the sails.

But killing enemies is not a strange action for Selena. In fact, she shared an important message about self-love in February, after discussions about her body appeared again on the Internet.

The founder of Rare Beauty explained that she tends to maintain a lot of water weight while taking the medication. And it happens quite normally, she told TikTok viewers. And then, when she stops doing it, I usually lose weight.

The Moment Selena Gomez was Most Ashamed of Her Body

Selena gave wise advice to her followers and said: I just want people to know that you are beautiful and wonderful. And yes, we have days when we might feel like shit, but I’d rather be healthy and take care of myself and my medications. They are important and I think they help me. So yes, I’m not a model, I never will be. And I think she’s amazing, that’s just, I’m definitely not.

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