The Motives Behind Maya’s Actions in “Fool Me Once”

Fool Me Once,” the gripping Netflix crime show, takes viewers on a tumultuous journey as Maya, a grieving widow, unravels the truth behind her husband Joe Burkett’s death. A seemingly straightforward murder investigation takes unexpected turns, revealing a dark family history and challenging Maya’s perception of her loved ones. In a shocking twist, Maya confesses to Joe’s murder, leaving audiences with burning questions about her motives.

Joe Burkett’s Charmed Image

At the show’s outset, Joe Burkett is portrayed as a loving partner and caring father. The narrative strategically builds his image as a family man, making it easy for viewers to sympathize with Maya’s quest for justice. However, as Maya delves into Joe’s past, the show takes a dark turn, uncovering disturbing truths about the Burkett family.

The Burkett Family’s Disturbing Past

Maya’s investigation reveals a web of corruption within the Burkett family. As owners of Burkett Global Enterprise, a pharmaceutical company, they manipulate medical test results to profit from harmful drugs. The revelation exposes the family’s sinister activities, linking Claire’s death to the same gun used in Joe’s murder.

Corey’s Whistleblowing and Claire’s Involvement

Maya discovers that Claire, her deceased sister, was working with a whistleblower named Corey to expose the Burkett family’s crimes. Joe, unbeknownst to Maya, was also in contact with Corey, indicating a potential betrayal of his own family. However, Maya remains steadfast in her belief that Joe could never betray his own.

Joe’s Dark Past Unveiled

As Maya delves deeper, she uncovers Joe’s sinister history. In 1996, he committed two murders, including one of his own brother, Andrew, to conceal his involvement in the death of Theo Mora. Joe’s dark past is exposed, shedding light on the family’s deeply rooted criminal activities.

The Truth Behind Claire’s Murder

Maya’s suspicions intensify when she learns of Claire’s involvement with Corey. Unbeknownst to Maya, Joe kills Claire to protect the family’s reputation, staging her death as a burglary gone wrong. Tiny hints and Joe’s evasiveness lead Maya to confront him in a pivotal scene at the park.

Maya’s Confrontation and Ultimate Revelation

In a heart-wrenching confrontation at the park, Maya accuses Joe of Claire’s murder. Despite her reluctance to believe Joe is capable of such heinous acts, he doesn’t deny the accusations, confirming Maya’s worst fears. Prepared for the confrontation, Maya ensures Joe picks a deactivated gun, allowing her to act in self-defense and kill him on the spot.


Maya’s actions, initially driven by grief and a quest for justice, take a shocking turn when she confesses to Joe’s murder. The intricate web of deceit within the Burkett family, Joe’s dark past, and the ultimate betrayal of Claire lead Maya to make a difficult choice. “Fool Me Once” masterfully weaves a tale of love, loss, and deception, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

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