The new Athens Kallithea football shirts take the athleisure style to a new level

After an extremely successful season and an exciting sell-out in Greece and abroad, the Athens Kallithea FC jerseys are back. The appearance of the football team, which was marked by the most modern football clubs Moderna continues its dominance with a new series of jerseys.

Last year’s navy blue sweater that went viral had a typical ’90s look. The white collar with golden notes and its striped pattern were the perfect balance between a classic football jersey and an elegant shirt that can be worn anywhere. In the same logic, the new jerseys of Athens Kallithea FC continue, which this time become more glamorous in terms of color in a certain way. The gold found on the jerseys of the previous season will become the main theme of this year’s performances. Club president and creative director Ted Philipakos continues his collaboration with Kappa producers and the result is equally impressive.

What is striking about this year’s Athens Kallithea FC jerseys, in addition to the interesting color combination of white and gold, is that they bear the “EMST” branding of the National Museum of Contemporary Art. The team is leading with this partnership, as it is the first time that a football club has collaborated with an arts and cultural foundation. The photo shoot for the Athens Kallithea FC jerseys continues to have the same interest in terms of the creative part, with photographer Christos Kondo once again editing the campaign and giving the photos the same “raw” and urban effect.

Athens Kallithea FC jerseys are available online, but also in EMST’s store and I can tell you why they are mandatory: Because the fashion world (and street style) has finally accepted Athleisure Style’s partnership with high-end fashion.

The rise of the football style

It is known that what is worn on the street has the same power as the collections that we see on the catwalks. While the rise of the athleisure style on the track is something we’ve been seeing for at least the last 10 years, the football style is starting to come on the track from 2020.

Demna – artistic director of Balenciaga – signaled the dominance of this trend in the fall 2020 collection, in which she set her sights on football jerseys for fashionistas in collaboration with Manchester United. Balenciaga was followed by other houses such as Stella McCartneys, while the British Martine Rose started this trend with her own versions.

However, last summer the rise of football jerseys increased and extended to bowling and baseball shirts, with celebrities such as Rihanna wearing them with skirts and diamond necklaces, showing us the reach of this garment.

The fashion obsession with sneakers like the adidas Samba, reminiscent of the football boots you will see on the pitch, but also the brand’s collaboration with Wales Bonner and the launch of a collection of looks and sold-out football boots confirm the rapid rise of the football style.

This trend prevailed last season, when the street style honored football jerseys by combining them with skirts and jeans with a low waist and even with tailored trousers and jackets, providing an interesting contrast with the different styles.

Therefore, if you want to get into the “game” of football style, you can start with the stylish jerseys of Athens Kallithea FC.

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