The New Netflix Period Film Exploring Both Seduction and ‘the Bridgertons’

Numerous premieres are coming to the platforms every week. In the red ‘n ‘queen ‘ Nowhere’ Anna Castillo plays the harrowing movie stars, but the catalog is as wide as the sea from which the character played by the actress is trying to escape, offering other opportunities that we do not always fall into, because we do not have time to search.

And so we happen to come to one of the new movies that have appeared on Netflix and that you will love if you are a fan of ‘the Bridgertons’. Ehrengard: the art of seduction.

Love and conquest are two of the main ingredients of the plot, which is based on the novel by the Danish writer Karen Blixen, the creator of ‘Beyond Africa’. At this point, it coincides with the series based on the Julia Quinn saga, because there are naughty scenes and funny and passionate moments.

In ‘the Bridgertons’ novels are created casually or at events such as dances, which are so important to strengthen bonds. However, in this film we have an unexpected character, a peculiar matchmaker.

The action takes place in Babenhausen, an ideal kingdom, where the Grand Duchess skillfully pulls the strings of what is happening there. However, there is one aspect that is beyond her reach: she has no way to find a wife for her heir.

While posing for a portrait, she realizes that Cazzote, the court painter, turns out to be an expert in matters of the heart, and therefore does not hesitate to ask for help in fulfilling her mission.

The young man, who has a lot of conversation and culture, begins to work on finding a perfect girl for the shy boy, instructing him in the process to be an infallible seducer and lover. However, the plan fails when an extramarital pregnancy occurs, which forces the royal family to hide in Rosenbad Castle.

It is your strategy to try to avoid the suspicion of your enemies. In parallel, Cazotte also gets into the networks of Ehrengard, a woman who is able to revolutionize his world and his faith. Will she be able to put into practice all the experiences she thinks she has? You have to watch to find out, and when you’re done, don’t miss the best period series.

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