The new Rosalia collaboration that we never thought was possible

Motomami is back. In fact, Rosalia may have already warned us during her appearances at Paris Fashion Week that the months when she was in absolute silence and disappeared after her breakup with Cru Alejandro are over. And we are happy.

Firstly, because we like her great performance again, but then, because we will see her again, the best Rosalia in her purest form, while we give cakes to fans and even take pictures with them. Without a doubt, there is no one like you.

But what made us most happy about this ‘comeback’ was the fact that he got a new job. Yes, while reading. And it’s not just any song, but a song that could not have made him more excited, because he sings it with none other than one of his idols. Can you guess which one? In case no one comes to mind, let us clarify your doubts: it’s Björk! And yes, you have already left the first preview of the song on your social networks.

The song may seem a little strange to you, but it is one of the most important collaborations of Rosalia, since the Spanish artist has confessed on several occasions (as shown in the video below) that she would like to collaborate with the Icelandic singer. A dream that has just come true and with which both also send a message of protest against the fish farms of this country, which they wanted to make very clear by saying: “I offer a song by Rosalia and me to sing together, the benefit of which will benefit the fight against fish farms in Iceland. That would come out in October.”

At the moment and although we are already in the first week of the month, it seems that we will have to wait a little longer to hear it, of course this trailer doesn’t sound bad at all, right? It will certainly become another success in your career.

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