The next Lego Mario Set for Adult Collectors is a Giant Piranha Plant

This set became the subject of ridicule on the official Lego Twitter account with the message: “We will wake up soon… meet the new Lego Super Mario set coming out of our pipeline…”

The model shown in the video is clearly a Piranha plant, and the video also features the music that sounds in Super Mario 64 when you walk past a sleeping Piranha plant.

However, this product can already be found on the official website of the Lego Store with a release date of November 6 and a price of $59.99 / £ 57.99.

“It recreates the distinctive features of the piranha plant and represents its head, mouth, stem and leaves,” the product description says.

“Displayed in a prefabricated tube, it will become a fun decoration for your home or office.”

The set will consist of 540 items, which will make it the smallest adult Nintendo-themed Lego game to date, and its height will be 9 inches.

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