The Old Trick Of The Spanish Family Photos That David And Victoria Beckham Have Just Taken With Their Children

My mother does this at all family celebrations. And certainly yours too. This trick of family photos with the Beckham children and partners is famous in Spain.

We saw the entire Beckham family at the premiere of their Netflix documentary in London . No one was missing, David and Victoria Beckham, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper Beckham. Also, Brooklyn Beckham’s partner Nicola Peltz and Romeo Beckham, Mia Regan, did not.

Elegant, beautiful, well-suited, the living example of a loving and enviable family image. All right, we all love it. But if you look closely, pay attention to the fact that this photo has a trick. And not just anyone, no. It is the oldest in the world, at least in Spain.

This was done forever in Spanish marriages . Family photo and someone who organizes, usually the moms. At least mine. All without further ado, as long as the family photo is only of parents and children. Things change the moment the children’s partners arrive . So it’s time to apply that old ancestral trick that the Beckhams have now imitated. What is nothing more than taking a big family photo, where the middle of the photo is taken by the parents and children, and at the end by the children’s partners.

You know what I mean, because agency photographers have also done this when publishing their snapshots. The family is unbreakable, couples can part . Well then, the trick is obvious, put the children’s partners at the ends, in case the time has come, you need to cut off this picture.

Complicated? I can. Very effective . Because let’s see, we all know that the Beckhams love their daughters-in-law very much, but life is very long, and couples break up sometimes, no one wants, go ahead.

We’ve all been taken to extremes in a photo at some point. It is the law of life and memory.

So, yes, the Beckhams are using this old Spanish trick, would they learn it during their years in Madrid?

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