The One I Got Rid Of!: Almudena Cid Opens ‘El Novato’ About Her Separation From Christian Galvez

The former gymnast will appear again on the Cadiz show and openly talk about everything she suffered from her separation from ex-husband Christian Galvez.

Almudena Cid returns to television as a guest of Joaqu7 Sánchez in El Novato. The former football player wants to become a gymnast, and Cid will be the best teacher. This interview will be broadcast this Thursday, October 5, but in the promotion we were able to see a happy Almudena and talk openly about what she suffered from her previous relationship. Almudena will talk about how her separation from Christian Galvez went , she even moved the presenter.

Last August, 43-year-old Baskin unwittingly became the current protagonist after the pregnancy of her ex with Telecinco presenter Patricia Pardo became public. I thought my life had been destroyed. I realized that I could get things done by sacrificing myself. So in my life as a couple, I believed that by sacrificing myself, I would be able to hear things in the preview of the interview.

Almudena Cid and Christian Galvez were together for 15 years, five friends and married for a decade. It was in 2021 when both announced that they would initially end their relationship by mutual agreement. Four months later, they signed the divorce papers. What was not expected is that just two months later, the presenter made his new romance with his network partner official.

The One I Got Rid Of!: Almudena Cid Opens 'El Novato' About Her Separation From Christian Galvez

Although the interview is tough and even Joaqu9 gets emotional, the former Betis player stands out for his humor and asked his interviewee a question: do you know the book that changed my life a little? The family book . She, who can only laugh and maybe forget that she is in front of the cameras, throws an unexpected arrow. I never filled it out. And thank God! I got rid of it.

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