The promise that Laura Bozzo has to keep in GH VIP 8

Presenter Laura Bozzo was saved this week with an unexpected condition that made her reveal the promise she had made to Albert Infante

Laura Bozzo is one of the GH VIP 8 contestants who gives more show and does not disappoint her. This week, the presenter took part in a game to reveal who is the person who will be saved this week among the four nominees, and after the four nominees were taken from the living room of Guadalix de La Sierra’s house, Ion Aramendi revealed only to Bozzo that she was the one chosen by the public to be saved, but with one condition: no one else could know.

Bozzo’s reaction did not disappoint and she burst out in joy, shouting and excitedly thanking Spain for saving her once again. Only 4% voted to exclude them, compared to 49% who received the most votes among Pilar Llori, Albert Infante and Gustavo. The Peruvian journalist exploded with joy, which she later had to restrain from her colleagues, but before going down the house, she remembered her promise.

But this is getting me into trouble, Ion! she confessed to the moderator of the debate GH VIP and that the Peruvian journalist Albert Infante had promised to give a challenge in case she was the one who was saved this Sunday. : My daughters will kill me! I promised Albert that I would bathe naked if he released me this Sunday . A promise that she must keep now and that she herself assured that she would keep, despite what her daughters thought when they saw it.

He’s just another candidate. This is a secret between us. I’m really telling you this. Failure to comply with this rule has very serious consequences. Remember, you can not show joy or euphoria, or even bathe naked . At the moment you are just another candidate, Ion Aramendi reminded him to keep it a secret. A mystery that will last at least until Tuesday.

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