The reason why ‘Original sin’ changes its broadcast from October 9th to October 13th

From October 9th to 13th we have an atypical week for the soap operas that we watch every week. We have talked about the continuous changes that TVE has made with ‘La Promesa’, but this week it will be Antena 3 that will drastically change its programming. Both original sin and Amar es para siempre are subject to program changes. Due to the Hispanic Heritage Day on October 12 in Spain, Antena 3 has completely revised its program and will not broadcast any of its daily series, neither ‘Original Sin’ nor ‘Amar es para siempre’. So this Thursday there will be no new chapter of one of your favorite series.

Original sin: what will happen from October 10 to 13

In the midst of a web of intrigue and confrontation, Halit is determined not to remain silent in the face of Nadir’s movements. In his quest for victory, Halit manages to win a decisive trump card against Nadir, which seems to change the course of their confrontation. However, Nadir does not stand idly by and counters the offensive of Halit. To the surprise of the latter, Nadir receives help from an unexpected source, which further complicates the situation.

Meanwhile, Yildiz and Ender team up to get rid of the Sahika and regain control of the Argun companies. However, her plan completely breaks down and puts her in a precarious situation. Sahika’s anger at Ender’s betrayal causes her to devise a revenge plan against Ender and to put certain obstacles in Yildiz’s way.

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