The reason why Pilar Rubio is silent about the theft on the property of Sergio Ramos in Seville

At the presentation of her first sportswear collection, the presenter explained why she can not talk about the theft at her husband’s estate in the Andalusian capital.

Pilar Rubio does not want to talk about the robbery they suffered on the property of her husband Sergio Ramos in Seville. The house where they have been living since the footballer signed with FC Sevilla. They were not at home for work reasons when the events took place, but their children were, although they did not see the attackers. According to the first hypotheses of the investigation, the people involved in the theft may be close to the couple, but Pilar prefers not to comment on the matter.

The presenter traveled to Madrid to present her first sportswear collection in collaboration with the Selmark brand. She is happy because she, who trains several days a week, has the perfect clothes for sports and in which she looks flattered. It’s the clothes that help me optimize my workouts. Comfortable, functional and, moreover, with good and active materials that are like a second skin, she tells us about the collection.

She also talked about how she regained her figure after four pregnancies . If you breastfeed, do not sleep and do not stop, everything will return to normal. It is important to keep control over your diet. It’s not a diet, it’s changing the way we eat for so long. I learned from professionals and shared in a book My method of leading a healthy life . Dissolution. Grischalbo.

The reason why Pilar Rubio is silent about the theft on the property of Sergio Ramos in Seville

Pilar spoke at the event about how she adapted to her new life in the capital, life in the countryside is different, but I don’t care where I am, because I’m still the same. My husband, my children, my work, my studies …, also about his professional projects and his return to ‘El Hormiguero’, but he avoided answering questions about the theft of his house for a convincing reason . This is an issue in which I appreciate your interest, but which is in the hands of the competent authorities. There are things that are obvious, and this is not the time to express them. The investigation continues, are the only words she said on this topic.

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