The reason why the promise is changing will be broadcast from October 9 to 13

From October 9th to 13th we have an atypical week for the soap operas that we watch every week. Both Original Sin and Amar es para siempre will undergo program changes and TVE has also confirmed that there will be news in the programming of La Promesa and 4 Estrellas this week .

There will be no new 4-star episode for the series with Toni Acosta at prime time on the occasion of the qualifying match of the Spanish national team for Euro 2024. But it will not be the only one affected, since La Promesa will not have a normal week either.

Due to the Hispanic Heritage Day on October 12 in Spain, TVE has completely revised its program and will not broadcast any of its daily series, neither La Promesa nor La Moderna . So this Thursday there will be no new chapter of one of your favorite series.

The promise: Weekly preview from October 9 to 13

Pias’ blackmail of the Marquise does not go as she wanted. The Marquise Sibylline made another condition to accept the proposal of Pias… And it’s nothing more than the return of Petra. Jana informs Curro about the discovery of the fan cruise ship in Ramona’s cabin and decides to go to Manuel to take action on this matter. Alonso offers his help to Margarita to manage the inheritance of his brother Fernando, but his sister-in-law will surprise him with an unexpected request.

Jana doesn’t get the reaction she expected from Manuel when he shows her Cruz fan. New hypotheses arise about the disappearance of Ramonas, but Jana remains convinced that this woman did not leave voluntarily.

The closeness between Catalina and Pelayo is becoming more and more evident and they take another step forward when she accepts the young counts’ proposal to make jams on a large scale in order to export them to the entire peninsula.

Lorenzo, annoyed by the monotony of La Promesa, announces to Alonso his intention to go to the casino in C7rdoba. But the Marquis disagrees, Fernando’s death was not long ago. Jimena is getting worse and worse and sees how everyone puts down the baby she was supposed to be carrying for a while before alienating it herself.

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