The rules that Michelle Salas imposed on the guests at her wedding

Finally, Michelle Salas married Danilo Diaz Granados in Italy, but the exclusive event had certain restrictions for those present.

The long-awaited wedding at Finca Il Borro, owned by the family of the renowned designer Salvatore Ferragamo, was one of the most spectacular events of the year, in which even his famous father Luis Miguel was present, despite the constant rumors about his lack of attendance

Given the presence of Paloma Cuevas at the event, Michelle asked her guests to comply with a certain code of etiquette, as well as a protocol to ensure privacy.

In this regard, the communicator Juan Josué9origel called the rules imposed by the socialite on the weekend of October 13-15 incomprehensible and ridiculous, in order to ensure that they necessarily wore a different outfit for each day of the event.

Likewise, you would have to refrain from using mobile phones at each of the ceremonies, as they are prohibited, in order to preserve the privacy of your family.

A clown, said the presenter, who in turn highlighted these ridiculous rules in his broadcast ‘Con Permiso’.

Personalities such as Alejandra Guzm7n did not attend the event:

I love her and send Michelle a kiss, I wish her the happiest day of her life. I am very glad that she is happy, this is the most beautiful thing in life, he told the media, and then sent a suggestive photo with Silvia Pinal, who also could not attend the wedding.

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