The Secret Of Guti’s Impressive Physical Change: I Have Already Gained 10 Kilograms Of Muscles

Jose Maria Gutierrez, for most ‘Guti’, returned to coaching a decade after retiring from football . But not to return to the field of play, but because at the age of 47 he wants to get into the best physical condition of his life. I opened a gym at home, I train really hard, especially weights, with cardio 3 times a week , I have already gained 10 pounds of muscles, from 80 to 90, and this is my process now He told the magazine Men’s Health .

The former Real Madrid midfielder and current league commentator at DAZN is unaware of the controversy caused by his absence at the christening of his grandson Hugo , the result of the relationship between his daughter Zayra and Miki Mejias, acknowledges that when he left professional football he became more sedentary and ended up losing his training routine every day.

I am almost 47 years old , they try to train as much as possible at their age to feel physically comfortable, explains the former Almeria coach, who hopes to one day be able to work as a coach again.

The commentator ‘El Chiringuito’ has gained 10 kilos of muscles, but warns that this is just the beginning . He has been training for 3 months and he was told that he will be at his best in December, although he claims that I still do not see him, all the more so in June. And I want it to be a surprise.

He also has the help of coach Nacho Villalba, who shared and commented on a photo of Guti in full training on Instagram: transformation is only possible if the mind is able to face the challenge through discipline.

Training, nutrition and rest are three important pillars to achieve the desired transformation, but the strength of the mind is the cornerstone to achieve it in an energetic way. The former footballer responded to the post with a short and clear: That’s right mate.

The Secret Of Guti's Impressive Physical Change: I Have Already Gained 10 Kilograms Of Muscles

Guti has a disciplined training routine and has set up his own gym at home, where he trains with his wife Romina Belluscio, whom he married in July 2016 . But not only sport is part of this radical physical change, but also the health of men who eat very varied, very good, fish, meat, vegetables, anything but a lot, 5 or 6 times a day. I have a nutritionist to help me, and I take protein, phased creatine, rice cream, all very controlled and necessary.

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