The Shocking Life Of Tamara Falco’s Mother-In-Law Carolina Molas With Several Secrets

Carolina Molas has always been a woman who tried to be discreet, even if her son, Inigo Onieva, was involved in some of her scandals, such as infidelity to his current wife. However, Tamara Falco’s mother-in-law could write a book, not only about her experiences, but about everything that she suffered in her life.

And everyone might think that she had it easy and that everything was a bed of roses, but nothing could be further from the truth . Something she wanted to express in a recent interview.

It was in Forbes magazine that Carolina opened up more than ever. After the excitement surrounding the wedding of Tamara Falco and Inigo Onieva, the businesswoman took advantage of this apparent calm in her life to dig into the trunk of memories, and the truth is that some of her statements have left more people affected. from one, especially the episode of the death of one of his children : I was a very young mother and started working with my father.

At the age of 25, I had four children . A figure that did not bring much together, since only Alejandra, Inigo and Jaime are known, but who immediately explained them with deep sadness: he died of meningitis at the age of 7. This was the most difficult stage of his life, but time and family support were fundamental for healing: we accepted it, although it was difficult .

Especially with her other 3 children she already had a very close and protective relationship, but from then on even more: I am a very close mother , I have been with my children for very few years, she said in the aforementioned interview.

The Shocking Life Of Tamara Falco's Mother-In-Law Carolina Molas With Several Secrets

In fact, it is not uncommon to see her together at family events, although she has a little more affinity with her daughter than with her, among other things, because of her fashion tastes, and it is common to see her at these types of events .

Carolina Molas and her family, persecuted and threatened by ETA

The 80s were very complicated for the Molas family, especially for the year 1983, which marked Carolina with fire. Born in Bilbao, she has lived through the most difficult years of the criminal organization ETA, and she has done it firsthand: we are exiles of ETA, Carolina surprised. “My father had been threatened many years ago and they wanted to attack him many times,” she said.

This year, faced with an imminent threat, they had no choice but to literally flee to move to Madrid, where they could start a new life: it was dawn without taking our things with us, and we could never return home., he confessed roughly.

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