The Shocking Reason Why Galilea Montijo Will Sell Her Clothes

If you like the style of Galilea Montij, the famous Guadalajara has revealed that it will offer its most iconic pieces for sale.

After the shocking scandal after the publication of the book by Anabel Hernndez, Emma and the other drug dealers, where the famous woman was accused of having a relationship with a leader of the drug trade, stressing that she would leave out her views on this issue:

It makes me laugh now, I love that they invented another new gossip from me, look, the only thing I can say, so as not to go into details, because it is clear to me that this is the intention of all this, that there will be more gossip that I will not even go into, he described.

The famous woman told the media about her next step in terms of fashion. And while some have pointed out that this is due to economic problems, the host indicated that the sale of his clothes is due to some form of support for the elderly.

Montijo explained that there will be a platform for this movement, which will be led by women:

They are an amazing group, they even sell new clothes that we don’t wear or that they give us. Perhaps it would be easier to get to the whole republic through them, the star described.

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