The Sphere: The Next Generation Of Entertainment, Prizes And Upcoming Events

The spherical music and entertainment stadium near Las Vegas, Nevada, opened on September 29 with a performance by the Irish band U2.

The entertainment world, especially the world focused on music and large-scale events, has witnessed the arrival of the possible revolution of the industry. The Ball or the Ball in Spanish is a new ball-shaped stadium near Las Vegas, Nevada, which opened on September 29. The venue, covered with LED lights inside and out, offers a completely different visual experience than usual.

The Irish rock band U2 made their debut with their concert U2: UV Achtung Baby Live in the Sphere. It will host a variety of events, including concerts and residencies of the world’s top artists; sphere experiences with Hollywood’s best creatives; and high-profile events. The company has also announced plans to build another sphere in London, subject to the necessary permits, the website says.

In addition to the concerts, Sphere will also have the haunting postcard of the Earth experience on its dates. The experiment was conducted by the American filmmaker Darren Aronofsky, who worked for the direction of The whale, mother! and requiem for a dream. Graham Booth, a producer of nature documentaries, also took part in the show.

I see the sphere as a great opportunity to take people away from the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas Strip in all its man-made madness and immerse them as completely as possible in the wonder, awe and beauty of nature. ‘Postcard from Earth’ is a science fiction journey deep into our future, while our descendants are thinking about our common home, says Oscar nominee Darren Aronofsky.

Ball prices and upcoming events

At the moment, the organization of the spherical stadium has only the dates of the band U2 available as part of their musical events. The musical group will perform at the venue until December, ticket prices start at $ 500 and increase to a maximum of $ 1,495. Minors can enter the performances, people over the age of two must enter with their paid ticket.

The immersive experience Postcard from Earth will premiere at Sphere on Friday, October 6th. From then on, interested people can find tickets at prices ranging from 49 to 249 dollars every week. The show with talking and interactive robots promises to be a science fiction journey.

More information about the bullet

The stadium was announced in 2018, and its first delivery was scheduled for 2021. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, construction has been postponed. The terrain has a height of 112 meters and a width of 157 meters. The bowl-shaped theater has an immersive LED screen with the highest resolution in the world. The exterior is equipped with 1.2 million screens the size of a hockey puck.

The first time that the exterior of the venue was illuminated was on July 4 to celebrate the Independence Day of the United States. The capacity is 18,000 people, and the construction cost has reached $ 2.3 billion.

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