The terrible fear that Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio got: their house was robbed

Sergio Ramos joins the unfortunate list of athletes who were robbed in their own home . The event took place on September 20, according to ABC Sevilla. The footballer was playing in the Champions League match between Sevilla and Lens when thieves attacked his house on a farm in Bollullos de la Mitacion. His wife Pilar Rubio, who was not in the Andalusian capital for professional reasons, was also not at home.

The couple’s four children, Sergio, Marco, Alejandro and Máximo Adriano, were in the residence . Fortunately, neither the children nor their carers were harmed in the robbery, although it was undoubtedly a great fear for the whole family. According to the program ‘der kritische Blick’, the robbers stole money, luxury watches and sportswear.

Sergio Ramos was the victim of a robbery at his home back in 2012, when his house was robbed in a posh neighborhood of Madrid.

The footballer has just signed for Sevilla, which marks his return to his homeland, 18 years after his successful professional career in various teams. He played for Real Madrid, where he became a star.

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Sergio can boast not only professionally, but also personally. The footballer married the presenter Pilar Rubio on June 15, 2019 in Seville after years of relationship and with four children together. They celebrated a stylish wedding in front of more than 500 people, including football stars, celebrities, businessmen and friends of the couple. Among them were familiar faces from ‘El Hormiguero’ and Sergio and Pilar have a great relationship with Pablo Motos. In fact, Pilar, presenter and model, is one of the employees of the program in several sections.

Although rumors about a possible crisis between them have appeared more than once, both Sergio and Pilar are deaf and share messages on the networks that reflect the good progress of their relationship.

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