The unexpected guest on the romantic getaway of Tamara Falco and Inigo Onieva

The Marquise de Grinon and her husband spent a weekend in Rome, but they did not do it alone. We tell you that people who were very close to you accompanied you.

Tamara Falco and Inigo Onieva continue their passion for traveling. If you traveled through Africa on your honeymoon and then traveled to Cádiz for the wedding of your friend Luisa Bergel, last weekend you chose a European destination.

The Marquise of Grinon and her husband fled to Italy, choosing Rome to enjoy the historical monuments and excellent Italian cuisine. But they did not manage to do it alone: the couple toured the Italian capital with part of the Onieva family, as Inigo himself shared on his social networks.

The unexpected guest on the romantic getaway of Tamara Falco and Inigo Onieva

Tamara Falco on a short vacation in Rome with the family of Inigo Onieva

Carolina Molas, Tamara Falco’s mother-in-law, who announced a few days ago that she had lost a child and was threatened by Eta, and Alejandra Onieva, the sister of the actress of Inigo Onieva, accompanied the couple on their visit to Rome. His brother Jaime Onieva, a friend of Daniel Sancho, was also there with his partner. The businessman was in charge of sharing through his social networks the best images of his weekend in the Eternal City.

Tamara Falco , who has already found the lost alliance, and Inigo Onieva, together with Carolina Molas and Alejandra Onieva, visited the most touristic sights of Rome, such as the Colosseum, the Forum or the Trevi Fountain, where the couple, showing unpublished photos of their wedding at the end, posed happily and in love. The entrepreneur also shared beautiful pictures of the women in his life.

His wife Tamara Falco, who confessed her greatest fear before the wedding, and her mother Carolina Molas pose smiling and accomplices in front of one of the monuments of Rome, a picture that shows that the relationship between the two is excellent.

In addition, Inigo onieva also shared photos of her sister Alejandra posing playfully in some of the restaurants or trattorias that they visited during their escape to the Eternal City. The Marquise of Grinon and the Onieva family enjoyed the best pasta dishes at various places, such as the Trilussa tavern or the trattoria Al Moro.

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