The Widows Of Thursdays: Ending Explained Of One Of The Most Watched Series Now On Netflix

Mexican fiction has been a success thanks to the mystery that it represents from the beginning and that will be solved in the last episode that we are going to analyze.

We love a good intrigue story, and even more so if it takes place in a glamorous setting. This is exactly what the widows of Thursday serve us and they do it on a golden plate, because they can and want to be surrounded only by riches that distinguish them from the lower classes that exist when they cross the gates of Los Altos De Las Cascadas.

The idyllic elitist community they have created to escape from what is not their place. The villas are built here in the middle of the ideal nature, which does not lack a large swimming pool. In one of them everything begins. The bodies of three men seem to float lifeless and it will be one of the local women who will lead us to this result full of details. If you haven’t watched the successful Netflix series yet, there will be

If you got lost in all this mess, do not worry, because we will analyze everything that happened in our declared finale of ‘Thursday widows’, a kind of ‘desperate housewives’ that you will catch from the first moment. Each chapter is dedicated to one of the clans that are part of this luxury development. They all seem to be living a perfect life, but as soon as they scratch each other, all their hardships come to light and nothing is as it seems.

Tano is the patriarch of one of these clans and his world collapses when he is fired from his company. However, he tries very hard to keep up appearances, so as not to admit to his wife that everything was wasted. He is not the only one, because another of his husbands is expelled from his political party and has to limit his lifestyle, while another has to take the blame for being an abuser.

Only two of the husbands manage to stay outside the circle in which the other three were. In the end, we see how Tano organized a meeting at his house with the intention that everyone commit suicide so that his families would receive insurance that would allow them to live at full speed forever.

In the episodes of the addictive series, all her problems come to the fore, each of which hides in different ways. After a delay in the meeting, Tano murders Gustavo, since he did not seem very ready to finish everything, and drops a device into the water, so he and the third friend die.

What they do not know is that two children record everything and their plan can fall apart if it is proved that everything was planned and was not an accident. And the video comes to light, but the widows are silent, because everything is perfect in Los Altos De Las Cascadas, it must remain a unique place and this requires money. So they show us an accurate portrait of what some can do by posture.

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