This ‘American’ Variant Of The Classic Land Rover Defender Is The Coolest Car You Will See Today

The original Land Rover Defender is as legendary as the SUVs. That didn’t stop Legend Motor Co. to find ways to improve it.

The Utah-based store has just launched a new build based on the classic 4 44 called Signature Series. The legend has taken over the British icon and breathed new life into it with a series of first-class upgrades, all of which are from the USA.

Each Signature series features an all-aluminum Defender 110 body – i.e. the one with four doors – that is finished with a proprietary Kevlar color-matched lining on the inside and on the bottom for added protection. That’s it already was with the external modifications, outside the legend emblem, 17-inch steel wheels wrapped with BFGoodrich KM3 mud tires and a fabric upper that can be removed if you want to drive a convertible during the day.

Cleverly, Legend was conservative in changing the exterior of the defender, but the interior was completely reworked. The cabin is equipped with hand-stitched leather seats with open grain, with captain’s chairs in front, a seat in the second row and emergency seats in the back. At the front you will find custom-made gauges and a billet steering column with tilt function. Other upgrades include the Resto-mod air temperature control system and a removable Soundbok Bluetooth stereo system.

The Signature series comes with one of two GM-related V-8s. there’s the LT1, which produces 455 horsepower and 465 ft pounds of torque, and the more powerful LT4, which pumps out 650 horsepower and 650 ft pounds of torque. Regardless of which grinder you choose, it is combined with a heavy eight-speed gearbox that provides power to all four wheels. The vehicle is also built on a Moderna Jeep JK chassis, which is equipped with a Falcon 3.3 Fast Adjust piggyback suspension. Other mechanical features include a 4.88 gear ratio to improve off-road performance, ARB cabinets to improve traction control, and Willford’s oversized high-performance brakes.

Legend is currently taking orders for the Signature series through its website. The store hasn’t announced a starting price for the vehicles, but Defender restomods from other companies regularly start at $150,000 or more. We wouldn’t be surprised if this build, which comes with almost every upgrade imaginable, starts north of it.

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