This is the legacy: the distribution of the Mexican novel in New York

The series, the starting point of the romance of Michelle Reaand and Matt Elymes Brides, will premiere in our country. Find out where and when you can watch it.

From Monday at 7: 00 am you will have an appointment at nova with Heritage, your new Latin bet. The fiction stars Michelle Renaud and Mat Elymas Novoa, accompanied by a luxurious cast in a story about love, jealousy, passion, ambition and intrigue. The telenovela will premiere for the first time in our country, replacing that of Elimia Barbara , which ended last Saturday, the 6th.

The series focuses on the impressive empire of the Del Monte family, led by Don Severiano (Leonardo Daniel), a self-made man who managed to turn the Santa Catalina avocado farm into a successful business, in which he is accompanied by his five adopted children. After an accident in which the patriarch of the clan dies, the five brothers, by the will of their parents, discover a secret that will change their lives forever. It turns out that Don Severiano has an illegitimate and biological daughter, Sara (Michelle Renaud), and now she has decided to appear before the rest of the Del Montes to recover what is rightfully hers.

Melodrama came to the girl in March 2022. Exactly in October of the same year, the protagonists Michelle Renaud and Mat Elymas Novoa confirmed that their novel had passed from fiction to reality. The actor explained exactly the moment when he fell in love with his co-star. Since I met her…It it was love at first sight. And when I saw her in the role of mother, I said to myself: this is her. The couple continues the relationship today and, in addition, has plans to become parents.

The legacy: the cast of the series

Sara del Monte has been fighting all her life to overcome her father’s abandonment. When he dies, her ambitious mother Deborah Portillo encourages her to fight for her inheritance, but her fate has prepared a legacy of love for her next to Juan’s; however, in order to become happy, they have to overcome various obstacles.

Juan del Monte with an imposing personality, firm in business, but with a noble heart. When his father dies, he remains responsible for the family business and the farm. He gets engaged to Juliet Millan, but when he meets Sara Del Monte, he will discover the true meaning of what it means to love.

Deborah Portillo. A woman who dazzles with her height and beauty. She became Severian’s lover and became pregnant by him, which made him the father of her only child by blood: Sara. When Severiano dies, she causes her daughter not to give in to the Del Monte brothers and keep the entire inheritance.

Pedro del Monte. Peter is a seducer, it can be said that he knows how to make women fall in love with him. He is the lover of Beatriz Hernandez, the wife of his best friend Cornelio Perez. He never had any ethical concerns. Although Pedro makes good contacts with powerful families and makes his father’s company grow, he is jealous of Juan, his older brother.

Mateo del Monte is a cheerful, funny and optimistic young man . He is the most relaxed of all the brothers and always tries to see the positive side of things. Mateo eventually falls in love with Julieta, who is engaged to his brothers at the same time, but this love is impossible. That’s why he takes refuge in alcohol, hides the pain of his soul and makes jokes with everyone.

Simon del Monte. The death of his mother greatly affected Simon, an intelligent, sensitive, sincere and serious man. Actor Emmanuel Palomares plays Simon del Monte. He falls madly in love with Paola, a young woman from a good family, and they are both a perfect couple. But this relationship is not well seen by the young woman’s father, Salvador, who forbids them to see each other. Salvador had a serious confrontation with Severiano del Monte, Simons’ father, and he does not want to know anything about this family.

Lucas is the youngest of the brothers and everyone calls him Birdie. He enjoys his country life and every time he needs to express his feelings, he turns to the Internet. He is a very noble and very happy young man. In addition, he will try to conquer Alondra Millan. He feels that his devotion to his brother Juan de Jesus and his arrival at the Saras farm will do a lot of good to his life, as he will become his guide and adviser.

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