TikTok is plans a paid and ad-free option

Social networks are still looking for new ways to diversify their income, and the most famous of all wants to know how much they would pay for it. According to a post shared for the first time by Android Authority, TikTok could launch a paid and ad-free option that is currently in a trial version.

Interestingly, the Asian investment social network, which is already banned in some cities of the USA, is conducting the test on a small number of users from this country. The cost of this plan is $ 4.99, but it may vary depending on the results of this first stage.

TikTok tries a subscription without ads

Although the screenshot of the ad-free version of TikTok confirms the absence of these, it does not include the built-in sponsored content of the videos, similar to what happens with YouTube Premium.

In recent years, TikTok has established itself as the fastest growing social network and the source of most Internet trends. Therefore, it is likely that the offer to enjoy more content without interruption will be attractive to many of its users, although it represents a monthly payment.

In addition to this test, TikTok has been working on projects that secure other revenue. Therefore, the platform has the TikTok Shop option, the marketplace within the platform application that it advertises with ads and coupons to encourage you to buy.

Meta is not far behind

Instagram Facebook and Facebook owner Meta have also announced plans to join similar initiatives and charge fees to opt out of receiving personalized ads on their platforms.

Facebook Instagram Facebook Instagram Facebook Instagram users would be charged about 10 euros per month for using Instagram or Facebook without personalized ads on the desktop and 13 euros per month on mobile, according to a BBC post meta reported to EU regulators.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk has said that he wants to offer a “higher-priced” subscription that does not show ads on X. But during this time, he assures that “X Premium” subscribers receive “about 50 percent less ads”.”

Despite the initial rejection of such proposals, “X” is an example of the fact that transformation is necessary to maintain financial stability. Such aggressive changes as a change of leadership, a change of name and fees to use features that were previously free have become a historical record of monthly active users for the social network.

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