Tiktok Trend That Works to Lose Weight

It is possible to lose weight without going to the gym, and there is a very effective and simple trend on Tiktok to lose weight. With the hashtag #12330workout, which means ‘exercise 12-3-30’, a video that has more than 300 million views has become a trend. Although it sounds strange, this exercise, popularized by an “influencer”, is often popular.

“She managed to lose 30 pounds (just over 13 pounds) by doing this 12-3-30 exercise five times a week. An impressive figure, but it may need to be put in parentheses. However, no one will deny that 12-3-30 exercises would help improve our overall physical condition, but let’s see what this seemingly miraculous way to lose weight consists of, “theobjective published.

The World Health Organization recommends walking 10,000 steps a day. Only with this movement (about 8 kilometers every 24 hours) can obesity and other health problems that arise due to excess weight be prevented.

What is the trend of Tiktok for losing weight?

This is an exercise called ’12-3-30′; the first parameter of the exercise obeys the slope, in which we need to place the tape with a slope of 12 degrees. The second is the speed: three miles per hour, which is equivalent to 4.8 in kilometers, and the third is due to the time, which would be 30 minutes.

“Two of the three numbers are acceptable when put together. Running at an average speed of 4.8 kilometers per hour would be within an average walking pace, but it is acceptable to do it only for half an hour, “he stressed.

“However, a slope of 12% is already a big word. As an illustration, the city of Madrid has an average gradient of 1.5% . In fact, it is perhaps easier to understand it with an example from cycling: the famous ascent to the Angliru summit, which is a frequent occurrence at the Vuelta a España, has an average gradient of 10% — although it obviously has more difficult points —”respectively.

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Do you have good results?

As evidenced by several studies, exercises that involve strength increase energy expenditure. In addition, by contributing to muscle building, it would be a way to increase basal energy expenditure.

The secret of the success of 12-3-30 does not let us discover the gunpowder. Everything that has to do with exercise and sports burns energy.


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