TikToker user Alix Earle is considering accusations of a ” home wrecker ” after the Braxton Berrios and Sofia Culpo drama

TikToker Alix Earle is setting a record for rumors that her affair with NFL player Braxton Berrios began when he was in a relationship with his ex Sofia Culpo.

Alix Earle wants to stop rumors related to her personal life.

TikToker, who has been linked to NFL player Braxton Berrios since earlier this year, is looking into suggestions that their romance began before he and his ex Sofia Culpo announced a break in their two-year relationship.

Appearing on the September 20 episode of the podcast Call Her Daddy, host Alex Cooper asked an influential person about social media users who called her a “lover” and a “troublemaker,” which, according to Alix, turned out to be a “trigger.”

“When I read these comments, I was mourning my friends, and they were saying to me, ‘Hi, Alix, these things usually don’t concern you,'” he explained. “I spent my childhood basically thinking this is the worst thing you can do to another person, so why the hell should I do this? No, they weren’t together.”

As for your guess as to how the fraud allegations arose in the first place? Although Alix didn’t name names, she went into detail about the details.

“I assume that the ex-girlfriend started posting materials hinting at infidelity in a relationship on the Internet, and I was seen dating this guy,” the University of Miami graduate continued. “So everyone just pointed the finger at me.”

But, as the social media star noted, she asked for “receipts immediately.”

“I was probably more psychopathic than she was,” Alix added. “I thought it couldn’t be. I checked everything. We’ve probably talked about this probably a hundred and ten times, because I thought, if you do this to one person, obviously, of course, he’ll probably do it to me, and if I did it to someone else, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.”.

In March, the Culpo Sisters star confirmed that she and Braxton had broken up after two years of dating. Three months later, Sofia seemed to have overshadowed the rumor of her ex’s affair with Alix, but later clarified that her comment, since deleted, “wasn’t really that deep.”

As for the NFL star, soon after, she revealed details about her past relationships, sharing that she had a “good” and “healthy” relationship for two years, but in the end they “just didn’t work out.”

“It had nothing to do with anything else,” she said in a June Instagram Story video. “Actually, it had nothing to do with anyone else.”

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