Tom Holland And Zendaya Touch Their Fans With Some Adorable Pictures With Some Dogs

Having known a long list of famous couples who put an end to their relationship, we still believe in love, thanks to ‘celebrities’ who star in moments that radiate romance and fun. Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth,

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds or Victoria and David Beckham are some of the couples who live a beautiful love story. We can not ignore one of the couples who have starred in most of the couple’s goals since they met on the set of ‘Spider-Man’ in 2017. Yes, we’re talking about Zendaya and Tom Holland.

Since they made their relationship official in 2021, the actors have delighted their followers with their sophisticated poses on the red carpets, with the photos they post on each other’s networks or with matching looks .

The last meeting of Zendaya and Tom was at a shelter in London, where they played with some dogs while wearing dangerous costumes. Warning: with these photos you will fall in love with this couple even more.

Could they be more enchanting? The four million likes that the post collects show that followers love this couple. I will never get tired of the content of Tom xs puppies or I don’t know why, but the last photo where Zendaya holds the puppy is very beautiful, her fans wrote in the comments.

And about the last picture, which she also shared on her Instagram stories, the actress joked: My dog Noon will be very angry if he smells me.

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