Tome App: How to use Tome AI that creates slides like magic

The free platform creates presentations with artificial intelligence in just a few steps, learn how to use the Tome app and learn how to easily create slides on your PC with AI

Tome App is a website where you can magically create slides using artificial intelligence (AI). With the help of a text command, the tool can easily and intuitively generate both texts and graphic elements of the presentation. After creating the project, it is still possible to make certain changes and share the production with friends. The program is free, but there is a pro plan for US$8 per month (about R$ 40 with direct conversion) with more features and unlimited use. Learn how to create an account in the Tome app below and learn how to use the website to start creating your slides with AI.

How to create an account in the Tome app

Step 1. On the homepage of the Tome app (, right-click anywhere on the screen and select the “Translate to Portuguese” option for easier use. This action can be performed on any page of the site. Then click “Enter” to continue to create one.

Step 2. Sign in with a Google or Apple account to import your data automatically. If you wish, you can also click on” Create ” under the registration form to log in with your email address and password;

Step 3. On the next page, create your profile on the platform. Enter your name, select your desktop and click “Next”.

Step 4. Create your workspace and give it a name. Then click on “Continue to Workspace” to start creating your slides.

How to create slides with AI in the Tome app

Step 1. In the workspace, you can access a dashboard with the most important resources of the site. In the side menu, users can navigate between their own creations, shared creations, recent changes and deleted creations. In the center of the screen there are various templates that will help in its creation. Click “Create” at the top right to create your AI slides from scratch

Step 2. When opening a new project, the Tome app will automatically display the main AI tools available on the platform. To automatically create a slideshow, select the option” Create Slideshow on”

Step 3. Enter the command prompt with instructions on the topic you want to cover in the slideshow. It is also possible to set the number of pages in the presentation by clicking on the following number. After completing the instructions, press ENTER to view the result

Step 4. The Tome app will create a list of the topics that will be covered on each slide of the presentation. If you are satisfied with the proposal, click” Next”; otherwise, click on the two arrows next to the button to create a new list or edit the topics proposed by the AI

Step 5. Once the slides are ready, you can use the presentation by clicking “Keep” or clicking “Repeat” to generate a new version. However, it is important to remember that you can only use 500 AI credits for the free plan

Step 6. After creating the slides, you can manually change the text and the design of the creation using the tools in the left menu

Step 7. To share the result of the presentation, click on “Share”, and then select “can reproduce” in the “Who has the link” section. Finally, just copy your browser URL and send it.

How to create an image with AI in the Tome app

Step 1. On your slide, click the “+ ” button in the right corner of the screen and select the “Images” option. It is possible to send pictures from the computer, search for pictures on the Internet or create your own using AI. To do this, select the “Create” option

Step 2. When the command prompt opens, sketch the desired image. By clicking on the” Advanced” option, you can request the removal of a specific element or adjust the dimensions of the image. Finally, click on “Generate”

Step 3. After a few seconds, the AI will offer four different image options related to your prompt. Just click on the one you want to add to the project

Step 4. When you click on the added image, you will find various settings in the side menu, such as image size, caption position and background color.

Other features of the Tome app

Step 1. In the side menu, you can also make audio or video recordings and then add them to the project. Just click on the “Start Recording” option, select your microphone and camera and click on the “Record” button

Step 2. In the “Theme” option, which is present in the side menu, the user can also change the appearance of the project. It is possible to switch between the “take” options to make changes to all pages of the project, and under “Page”, so that changes are made only on a specific slide

Step 3. In the following options, you can set the theme, page color and settings such as header and paragraph. If you want to save the appearance for use in other projects, just click “Save Theme”.

Step 4. In the lower left corner of the screen, the user will find the “Add Page” button. Here you will find different layouts to customize, just select the one you like and click on it to add it to the project.

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