Top 10 My Hero Academia Fights, Ranked

As in the anime Senen, “My Hero Academy” is a show filled with epic fights that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The struggle between heroes and villains never stops, as do the incredible action sequences that can be found in the anime adaptation of Kohei Horikoshi’s manga.

While most anime seasons contain many intense and fascinating conflicts, some battles have been recognized for their stunning choreography and their significance. Below we will make a rating of the best fights that were shown in the anime “My Hero Academy”.

Beware of spoilers for My Hero Academy.

Rating of the best fights in the My Hero Academy

The battles presented in this list were chosen because of their importance to the plot, good animation and the excitement they caused among fans of the series.

1. All Might vs All For One

Many centuries ago, a man was born capable of stealing powers. This being, a mysterious being “All for One”, has been at war with the owners of “One for All” for centuries. The Almighty, the eighth owner of the Quirk, has fought his nemesis several times. The most recent one is one of the most iconic anime battles of all time.

This brutal and decisive conflict caused untold destruction to the city in which these Powers fought. After all, the Almighty may have finally used up the last embers of the One for All remaining in his body. This was his last fight, and he made sure he did it with great force, defeating All for One with an impressive blow to the United States. No other battle has made such an impression on My Hero Academy fans .

2. Deku vs Overhaul

During the raid on Shi Hassaikai, the Heroes suffered heavy losses. Sir Night Eye was mortally wounded, Mirio had lost his Quirk, and Major repairs threatened to cause Eri even more harm. This caused Deku to break, using his superhuman speed to push Eri away from the villain. With the help of the Baby’s Quirk, Deku managed to use 100% of his power without harming himself.

After seeing this, Overhaul used the body mass of his lackeys to transform into a huge monster, starting one of My hero’s most beloved Academy battles. The combination of Deku’s exceptional strength and Eri’s ability to rewind made Izuka an almost unstoppable warrior. The animation and the amazing soundtrack to this scene made it much better.

3. Deku vs Class 1-A

Worried about their friend, the members of Class 1-A go on a rescue mission to find Izuka and bring him home. When they finally met the young man, he rejected her kindness, prompting his friends to fight him. This battle wasn’t as spectacular as the others at My Hero Academy, but it was full of emotions.

All of Izuku’s classmates reminded him how important he was to them and told Deku about the good memories they had created together. It was at this moment that fans saw Class 1-A demonstrate its powerful and unique abilities against such a powerful opponent as Deku. Undoubtedly, this is a moment of growth for everyone involved in the struggle.

4. Endeavor and Hawks vs High-End Nomus

The departure of the Almighty left Japan in shock, and the criminals went crazy. Endeavour, the new number one hero, was tasked with keeping the peace in the country with the help of his fellow Hawk heroes. During one of their patrols, they were ambushed by a group of high-class Nomus, powerful monsters created by endowing a person with many strong quirks.

The battle was intense like no other, Endeavour suffered serious eye damage, and the Hawks used almost all of their feathers. In the end, Angie Todoroki had to use all her strength to completely burn the body of the last remaining Nomu. Nevertheless, this battle served as a way to introduce the world of My Heroes Academy to the new era, where Endeavour became its defender.

5. Mirko vs High-End Nomus

The Rabbit hero may not be as popular as the other characters in My Heroic Academy, but that makes him no less important. Mirko was a key fighter during the Yaku Hospital raid arc, being a front-line soldier in the battle against Dr. Garaki Nomu’s army. Despite the fact that Mirko was completely surrounded by these creatures, she did not retreat and single-handedly destroyed most of them.

Even after losing his arm and receiving life-threatening injuries, Mirko continued to fight with a smile on his face. If it wasn’t for her, the heroes would probably have been caught off guard when the evil doctor unleashed powerful monsters. This battle is one of the reasons Mirko’s fans love her so much, as it perfectly illustrates her determination and thirst for battle.

6. Deku vs Lady Nagant

After a disastrous war between the Heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front, Deku left UA and went on a mission to find and destroy All for One. The Symbol of Evil has sent one of his most loyal associates to get rid of Midoria, the former government assassin of Lady Nagant. The woman whose quirk gave him the handle of a sniper rifle and impeccable accuracy pushed the Deck beyond its limits.

This was the first time we saw Deku use most of the quirks found in One for All together, inviting fans into one of the show’s most impressive battles. Fandoms have been asking to watch this animated battle ever since it was shown in the manga, and Studio Bones didn’t disappoint them.

7. Deku, Ida, and Shoto vs Stain

A few weeks before they sent the 1st grade for an internship, Ida’s brother was attacked by a deranged killer named Stein. The young man swore revenge and intended to find the culprit and commit suicide. Unfortunately, Ida underestimated the strength and skills of the killer, as a result of which the young man could not move and they were going to kill him.

If it hadn’t been for Midoriya and Shoto, who arrived shortly after to help their friend, Tenya would have been killed that night. Fortunately, in the end we witnessed an incredible battle in which three friends fought together to defeat an opponent several times stronger than them. It was also an important moment for Deku, who used his full hood for the first time in a royal battle.

8. Heroes vs Shigaraki

After spending a lot of time recovering from the All for One quirk, Shigaraki woke up to bring death and destruction to Yak. With the development of their decline, most of the heroes could not fight, as the villain would immediately destroy them. Some heroes transferred the fight to the air, including the Soundboard.

This battle was intense, with far more casualties and wounded than ever before. Even the main characters were not safe, as even Bakugo received a near-fatal wound. The battle only escalated when the Shigaraks captured “All for One”, trying to use the young man’s body as a new vessel for themselves. This battle played an important role in laying the groundwork for the latest anime events.

9. Deku and Bakugo vs All Might

Forced to work together to defeat the most powerful hero of all time, Bakugo and Deku staged one of the most impressive fights during the final exams of the UA. Despite their difficult start, as Katsuki did not want to join forces with Deku, the duo found a way to defeat the Almighty himself.

The students mostly relied on tricks and deception, catching their teacher off guard and simply attacking when they had the opportunity. In the end, they defeated the Almighty, proving that brute force is not the only thing that matters in battle. It was also an incredible moment of growth for both Deku and Bakugo, the former eventually bumping into Katsuki and the latter realizing he needed help.

10. All Might vs USJ Nomu

A classic fight that managed to win the hearts of fans around the world. When the first season of “My Hero Academy” ended, the show gave fans the most impressive and brutal battle they had ever seen. To save his students from the villains who attacked USJ, the Almighty ignored his time limit and faced the abomination of bioengineering known as Nomu.

Hero number one gave everything he could, giving 100% to protect his students. This fight set the tone for the rest of the series, becoming the first serious confrontation shown in the anime. It may not be as impressive compared to newer fights, but it’s still a landmark moment.

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