Top form at 77: Dolly Parton wowed fans with her latest appearance

Dolly Parton delighted all her fans with her latest Thanksgiving performance. The timeless 77-year-old country singer literally wowed the crowd by dressing up as the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader for her halftime performance at the NFL team game against the Washington Commanders on Thursday.

The country music icon appeared in a short and super-short blue top, a white vest with blue stars, and skimpy white denim shorts paired with a wide glitter belt.

Fans were literally stunned by the appearance of the singer, or rather, her superior form when one social media user called Parton a national treasure.

Dolly Parton is 77 years old and sexier than me, another Twitter user wrote.

Damn……. Dolly Parton looks better than real cheerleaders, a third fan of the star wrote, while a fourth added: Dolly Parton is still hot at 77.

The country music legend, who recently released a new album, performed some of her hits like 9 to 5 and Jolene while performing cover versions like We Are the Champions and We Will Rock You.

The stunning teenage cheerleader uniform (team colors of the Dallas Cowboys) definitely looked great on the singer, who has been keeping herself in shape since she was a teenager.

Parton has a long history of bold fashion statements before she even became famous.

In an interview with the Guardian newspaper in October, the music icon revealed that she based her iconic look on the typical image of the urban tramp, the local woman wearing high heels and skintight skirts. Dolly had a concrete example of such a woman in her city when she was growing up.

This woman looked beautiful and was wearing bright red lipstick and long red nails, Parton told the publication. The singer added: she was wearing high heels, short skirts, and cut-out blouses, and I just thought she was beautiful.

The singer also explained that when people said that this woman was “garbage”, I always thought that I wanted to be like her when I grew up.

However, the legendary singer recalled that her preacher grandfather was not delighted with her appearance and sometimes physically punished her for her provocative outfits.

I was willing to pay for it, Parton said. I am very sensitive, but not very disciplined. My feelings were hurt when I was scolded and beaten. But there was a part of me that was willing to fight hard to get what they wanted.

After several decades of maintaining her proud, extravagant, but striking look, Parton says that she has always remained true to herself.

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