Trans Singer Nick Cruz Does A Band Rehearsal While Waiting For The Mastectomy

Esp7ito Santo singer Nick Cruz auditioned with duct tape on his breasts. At 24, he hopes to have a mastectomy as part of his transition process, which began in 2020.

Nick released the song Sol no chest in 2021, in which he deals with the transphobia in his life and that of thousands of transsexuals. In the clip, he plays a trans character who wants to undergo a mastectomy to remove his breasts so that he can sunbathe on his chest without discrimination, a dream that the artist wants to fulfill soon.

I really want to have a mastectomy, but it’s not something that will suffocate me. I am patient and I am waiting for the right time. I never tried to go to the beach without a shirt. I really do. It’s a dream, I said at the time.

Because I see everything as a social construct, it doesn’t bother me. I want it, it’s a wish, but I’m in no hurry to say that I want it right away or that I hate people who call me Nicole, that’s not it, ‘ she explained, citing the difficulty many trans people face in transitioning:

Trans Singer Nick Cruz Does A Band Rehearsal While Waiting For The Mastectomy

Breasts do not bother me. I have already tried it via SUS in my city, which is a small town, and I have not been successful. It is practically impossible. I made my transition, took testosterone, stopped and came back, money, no money, for a year and a half. It is a very long process. And if you don’t have a job to earn and pay money, it will be even more difficult, he said.

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