Tricks to rejuvenate: be grateful and take a walk

The passage of time is often complicated for many. It doesn’t matter if you are 30, 40, 50, 60 years old, most of them feel affected as the days go by. What we are constantly worried about is aging. However, there are simple ways to rejuvenate .

Without having to consult a surgeon, undergo cosmetic procedures or watch countless self-help videos, there are ways to simply take years off your shoulders . Just understand that you can have a younger biological age than you ever imagined if you train your brain.

Psychologist Belén Colomina stated: “New concerns appear from the age of 40 . The body changes, the energy decreases, and our goals and desires also develop. New social tensions arise, such as the fear of losing one’s job, the pressure to meet social or family standards, and the concern for well-being.

Tips for rejuvenation

Be grateful and meditate. First of all, ” practicing gratitude allows us to fully appreciate every present moment and promote the appreciation of life “. It becomes more than essential to be grateful and to meditate.

Go for a walk. “Enjoying solid social bonds strengthens our sense of belonging and offers great support in difficult times, which contributes to maintaining good mental health”, in this sense.

Train your body and mind . Here’s the challenge: learning to embrace change, because aging is natural and inevitable. We need to train our body and mind to make the most of every step.”

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Maintain a positive attitude. The expert talks about the importance of a positive attitude. Acceptance as the first step to a stress-free” brain rejuvenation”. Realizing that aging is a part of life is important to free us from the pressure to stay young forever. We need to develop a positive attitude towards the aging process, which can have a profound impact on our mental and emotional health.”

Get to know yourself

According to the psychologist, it is important to learn to get to know yourself. The ideal of rejuvenating oneself is to “continue to grow internally, to apply what we have learned through attention and reflection to bring us closer to true happiness and fulfillment”.

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