Twisted Metal: Meet Characters And Cast From The Series Based On The Game

The series, launched on the Peacock platform in the USA, came to Brazil on HBO Max. Learn about the main names of the series and what characters were taken from the video game.

The twisted Metal series, released on the Peacock platform in July this year, is no longer an exclusive FOREIGN product and is now available in Brazil. The show airs weekly on HBO Max, with the first episode available last Sunday (1). The work, starring Anthony Mackie ( the Banker ) and Stephanie Beatriz ( Brooklyn Nine-Nine), is an adaptation of the PlayStation-exclusive game of the same name .

In the new version, some of the classic characters from the twisted metal game appear in the series, such as racers John Doe and Agent Stone. To learn more about these and other names that have moved from video games directly to streaming, check out the cast list of the series.

Anthony Mackie is John Doe

In the ruined world of twisted metal, John Doe is a” milkman”, the name for those who transport valuable cargoes from one walled city to another. Portrayed by Anthony Mackie (Falcon and the Winter Soldier), he travels aboard “Evelyn”, a car modified as a deadly weapon. Despite the dissolute way he carries out his work, Doe remembers very little about his past due to the amnesia he had as a child.

The character of John Doe first appeared in the game Twisted Metal: Black, which was released for Playstation 2 in 2001. In the plot of the game, Doe is a former FBI agent who is one of the pilots of the game.

Stephanie Beatriz is Quiet

Quiet is a character created for the series by Stephanie Beatriz (Brooklyn 99). She is a car thief whose name (softly) refers to her habit of speaking very little, unlike her louder (loud) brother, who is more talkative. Her little word does not change her harsh and violent behavior, especially when she remembers Agent Stone, a pseudo-policeman to whom Quiet swears revenge. In addition to John Doe, the thief embarks on risky delivery missions.

Twisted Metal
Twisted Metal

Richard Cabral is loud

Loud and his sister Quiet earn their living by stealing cars in areas outside walled cities. Unlike the character, the boy is a big, full mouth. The two even try to steal Evelyn from DOE, but the Milkman was faster and prevented the crime. However, the two cross paths with the gang of agent Stone, which changes Quiet’s life forever. Richard Cabral is one of the bikers in the Mayans MC series, available on Star+ .

Will Arnett and Joe Seanoa give life and voice to Sweet Tooth

The official mascot of the Twisted Metal franchise is also an important character in the series. Sweet Tooth is a killer who wears a clown mask and an ice cream truck full of guns. The antagonist rules the city of Lost Vegas (formerly Las Vegas), an area that is right in the way of John Doe. Everyone who enters the territory becomes an easy target for Tooth.

Wrestler Joe Seanoa-known by his nickname Samoa Joe in the ring-plays the character physically, while the voice of Sweet Tooth is provided by Will Arnett, who is known for the series Arrested Development (Netflix). The sinister clown has been present in almost every game of the Twisted Metal franchise since its launch in 1995.

Thomas Haden Church is Agent Stone

Another powerful antagonist of the twisted metal on television is Agent Stone. Although he dresses like a policeman, Stone is actually a criminal who wants to put the world of the show in order. Unlike a regular security guard, the antagonist does not mind killing someone, regardless of the size of the crime or interest. Loud and Silent brothers, learn this lesson the hard way.

Agent Stone is another former character in the twisted metal series, who can be seen in the games Black and Lost (2008). To portray him, actor Thomas Haden Church was called for the role, known for playing in Spider-man 3 (available on Netflix), which brings Sandman to life.

Neve Campbell is a raven

The new chief operating officer of San Francisco hires John Doe to bring goods to their region. Her behavior seems to be that of a person who is calm and attached to her family, but in reality Raven is a controlling and unfeeling person. She also seems to know John Doe’s past.

The character is aesthetically different from her version in the games where Raven is a young Gothic who despises the people in her school. To bring the character to life, actress Neve Campbell, known for the horror franchise Scream, was called .

Tahj Vaughans and Mike Mitchell are Stu and Mike

In the game Twisted Metal 2 (1997), Mike and Stu are two stupid friends who drive the Hammerhead car. In the series, the duo joins Agent Stone’s group after being rescued by the villain. Tahj Vaughans (P-Valley) plays Mike, while the role of Stu is played by actor Mike Mitchell (Tomorrow’s War).

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