Vasya Kostara poses naturally in some black and white portraits

Embracing your natural beauty is something that will free you from many things. Makeup is an incredibly creative process especially when you’re experimenting with new trends from the catwalks, but in reality you don’t always need it. Some days #nomakeup is necessary.

The inspiration at this point comes from famous women who are increasingly seen breaking away from stereotypes and being photographed in public without makeup. Or to reconcile themselves to time and let their hair go gray (see below). Andie MacDowell). The list grows and the #nomakeup movement celebrates natural beauty and going outside without unnecessary elements.

Recently Pamela Anderson was photographed without makeup at Paris Fashion Week giving us the inspiration we need. In the same pattern moved Vasia Kostara who posed without makeup in some fantastic shots.

The fashion designer posted a few days ago some black and white photos on Instagram.The very close-up portraits show her freckles, the natural wrinkles around the eyes when she laughs, the pores the complexion has. Her hair is caught in loose low bun, she herself smiles and exudes a calmness. No potion, only her wonderful natural beauty to star in.

Vasya Kostara poses completely naturally in some black and white portraits and shows her “imperfections”

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Such photos as the above taken by Vasia Kostara are a bright exception. In a reality based on social media filters and the necessity of everything looking perfect. Natural beauty with whatever” imperfection ” it is accompanied should not be hidden for any reason. The next time you think about going out of your house without makeup think you look great anyway.

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