Vicky Martin Berrocal reveals in TardeAR what she had to do several times in her intimate relationships

The designer returned to her position in Ana Rosa Quintana’s show, where a conversation about intimate relationships ended with Vicky confessing something, which, unfortunately, she had to do several times.

Vicky Martin Berrocal has always been a person who did not mind getting wet. We’ve seen her reveal her beauty secrets , we’ve seen her get very angry about being the protagonist of a scam, we’ve also seen her explode at those who insulted her by calling her fat, and now she’s also opened up in her most sexual conversation on the late show. The designer was hired by Ana Rosa Quintana as an employee for her new afternoon program at Telecinco, and at the social table among the staff there is she who does not hold back when it comes to talking about the most intimate.

In fact, on the same Tuesday, Jorge Luque published terrible information about relationships and sexual relations: how many married women, in your opinion, do not reach orgasm? 68% of married women do not reach orgasm , she revealed, to which Vicky answered without evading: there are many women who do not even know what it is, who have never had an orgasm .

An unflattering fact, which was also accompanied by another: a new study has shown that many couples have a serious crisis after an average of 7 years , sexual relations are decreasing, and they are more inclined to look for lovers . Well boy, if you do not reach orgasm, get divorced, it’s not worth it . And sorry, you don’t have to wait 7 years…, Ana Rosa Quintana explained, not knowing that Vicky herself was included in this statistic , and he left everyone speechless when he revealed it. In fact, she is divorced from Manuel Diaz El Cordob and just a few hours before their common daughter Alba Diaz, she confessed how difficult the divorce of her parents was for her .

I’ll tell you what, I’m not hiding, I often faked an orgasm. I’m sorry, what can I say? It’s my truth, said Vicky, who had to confront Xavier Sardenx, after which the audience applauded Vicky: what’s wrong with this kind of applause? This lady faked orgasms with poor men and tricked them out . Besides, now you have this little thing that vibrates. Do not be so sad, because if you have it, you are already calm, woman, he snapped, to which Alaska was not silent: not poor men, poor them, he replied, and Berrocal calmed down: I do not want to cause pity, I’m just talking about my truth .

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