Victoria Beckham Breaks Netflix Silence on David Beckham’s Alleged Infidelity with Rebecca Loos

The singer and designer participated in the new documentary of her husbands on the streaming platform and became very personal and sentimental when talking about her unhappy time in Spain between 2003 and 2007

More than 15 years after leaving Spain, Victoria Beckham has decided that she no longer wants to remain silent about one of the worst chapters of her life: her stay in our country and her husband’s alleged infidelity with her former personal assistant in Spain, Rebecca Loos. The former Spice Girls singer, who has been recycled to become a stylist, has talked about it in the new documentary about her husband Beckham , which is now premiering on Netflix, and, although she reviews her career as an athlete, she also goes into the most personal and, as in this case, painful details that the couple has experienced during their 24-year marriage.

Although she never wanted to talk about it and David denied everything at the time, the marriage that overcame this collision seemed strong enough to talk about it now, but they did it on tiptoe when he assured that he felt physically sick every day and that for them it was the worst moment of their marriage. That’s how it was, we were against each other , if I’m completely honest, Victoria says, adding: when we were in Spain, I didn’t feel that we had each other.. And this is sad. I can’t tell you how hard it was and how much it affected me. It was the worst time in marriage. The world attacked us and we were against each other. Until Madrid we were together; then we did not feel the mutual support. I have never been so unhappy in my life .

For his part, David also does not confirm the case , but assures that it also happened very badly : Victoria is everything to me, it was incredibly difficult to see her pain, but we are warriors and at that moment we had to fight for each other. another one, we had to fight for our family. And we had something worth fighting for . Without a doubt, a documentary that is very different from the one that premiered in 2013, the class of the 92nd grade .

The couple lived in Madrid between 2003 and 2007, years when David signed for Real Madrid. A great professional moment for him, but his marriage was difficult in the meantime, and Victoria had the worst part when she knew that she did not want to come to our country and live : I was the villain. They said I hated Spain and I said it smelled like garlic. I never said that. They knew that I could not move because of the children’s school. The problem was never Spain, he says, before he confessed that he felt relief when they left. our country .

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