Victoria Beckham Talks For The First Time About How Unhappy She Felt When David Beckham Became Unfaithful To Her

As a millennial book, we understand that if nothing happens to you, well, explain it to you anyway, you will surely have this vague memory in your imagination? Early 2000s: David Beckham had been unfaithful to Victoria with his assistant Rebecca Loos in 2003 .

The event made headlines around the world and represented a major crisis in Beckham’s marriage Victoria and David Beckham got married in 1999, as it is obvious, but Victoria forgave this infidelity and the rest is history: currently the Beckham family is one of the richest in the scene They do not surpass the Kardashians , but come on, there they are.

The fact is that a documentary mini-series about David Beckham was released on Netflix today, in which Victoria can also be seen. Then he unexpectedly talked about this very sad little point in his past and with a minimum of spoilers we will give you something in advance in case you want to know here what he said: So I was the most unhappy I have ever had in my whole life , he says.

Wow. She also says that she resented David after the accusations and said she internalized frustration in the midst of David’s successful career. It was an absolute circus. It felt like everyone was against us.

David also talks about the topic: Victoria means everything to me, seeing her injury was incredibly difficult, but we are fighters and at that moment we had to fight for each other and our family. And what it was worth fighting for, we had.

Grab some popcorn to watch the entire miniseries in one sitting, honestly.

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