We Practice Very Feminine Hobbies: The Gin Band Reveals Their Favorite Leisure Plans

The four artists tell us how they spend their free time before their biggest show to date: the 12th of October at the Wizink Center in Madrid.

Gins, the all-female band, consisting of Mag @i on guitar and lead vocals, Sandra on lead guitar and backing vocals, Raquel on bass and Juls on drums, did not hesitate to realize that they are called a spiritual drink, because the name tequila was already taken.

Also that the name of the group was born in a dream that they will fulfill on October 12: date when they will go to the Wizink Center in Madrid for the first time to give their biggest show to date. But first we wanted to ask them what they do in their free time, what their trusted places are and more leisure plans that they do not take or less time to write in their schedule.

If you ask us, at the moment our thoughts are focused only on the October concert, although we openly acknowledge that we will never part with music. We try it by practicing very feminine hobbies, such as basketball, clay crafts or reading books. But the truth is that we usually don’t have much time. What else, when we are on a tour of Spain, we like to do tourism, but gastronomically.

When we travel to Galicia, it is important to sit down and eat a good squid. After passing through El Bierzo, Ponferrada, we are already tasting the typical meat of this area of León. Without a doubt, our favorite joint activities are filling our stomachs, drinking beer and sniffing together.

We also share a group of friends! Our most common plan is to meet for a drink on one of the terraces of Plaza de Olavide in Madrid and then, if possible, have dinner at a cool and convenient place like El Torrezno Filipino, a Filipino restaurant that is delicious, and we party at the Hero nightclub.

We also practiced getting together in a house and ordering sushi. However, what excites us the most is the trip to Thailand, which we are organizing for next January. It’s the first time the four of us are doing something together that has nothing to do with gins. We will visit Bangkok and Chiang Mai. The truth is that we have already imagined ourselves with a nudist tribe that gives everything [laughs].

If we talk about their basics as a band, reality shows are a pastime that they share: ‘Drag race’ or ‘Jugando con Fuego’ are our favorites. We are looking forward to the beginning of 2023. We will be very addicted to the 24-hour channel.

And they confessed to us their tradition before going on stage: in addition to hugging and touching each other’s breasts, we wrote in a notebook before each show. We’ll also record everything in case he makes us a documentary in the future. Surely this would start with the long-awaited concert on October 12th in Madrid .

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