Weekly Preview of Original Sin: Layla and Kaya’s first kiss!

Autumn has come, which means that we are now officially saying goodbye to summer. For many, this parting is painful, but there are things that still remain, such as original sin ! The Turkish series on Antena 3 returns every afternoon from Monday to Friday from 17: 00 for another week .

In addition, the protagonists of the Ottoman series have something else to celebrate this week, since September 21 last year, the soap opera has broken a record since the beginning of the season, achieving an audience share of 12.2%, that is, almost 1.1 million .

If you want to know everything that will happen in this week’s chapters, here is the preview of original sin from September 25 to 29 :

Preview of the Monday episode of ‘Original Sin’

On Monday, September 25th, the episode of Original Sin, Leyla and Kaya kiss for the first time, but she is shocked to discover that he is Yigit’s father. She fears that Kaya will return to Ender, but he reassures her.

Halit meets with the investor and Nadir appears. Now they both own the same shares and become partners. But Nadir hires Ender and gives him all the power to work in the holding, which Halit does not like at all…

Other Turkish series to watch in Spanish

There are so many followers of the new Turkish series who are so successful both inside and outside our country that, in addition to Antena 3 or Telecinco, other networks have already joined the broadcast of these soap operas. You can currently watch up to 65 Ottoman series in Spanish or with Spanish subtitles on streaming platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

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Today you can see such romantic fictions as Love is in the air, Te alquilo mi amor and Love 101 . Dramas like Hermanos, Fatgmagul, Madre, Infiel or Mi Hija and even action formats like Lobo or science fiction like Yakamoz S-245 , the last two from Netflix.

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