What did you say to Fran when you voted for her? The phrase that sparked controversy about Big Brother

Francisca Maira was the first of the five playoff participants to re-enter the studio of Big Brother Chile. The sheep came back with everything and made some comments that did not reassure everyone.

And Maira tried again to be the villain, which did not go down very well on social networks and is once again the target of criticism from X users who are already organizing to eliminate her again.

The phrase that caused controversy with Fede

Perhaps Fede was one of the people who bothered the most about Francisca’s re-entry, and Fran (or Fernanda, as they call her in X) returned and thanked Raimundo and Federico for voting for her, thus giving her three votes to return to the contest.

Not content with thanking them, Fran also decided to give them chocolates as part of her gratitude. But the moment she handed the bag to Fede, it became the most unpleasant.

And it must be remembered that when making the two vows to Francisca, Fede mentioned that he felt that he needed to get to know her even better and that she also had “something pending” in the house.

Now, during Fran’s hospitalization, he reminded the Argentine of his phrase, which angered him even more.

“And with what you said that you would like to get to know me more closely when you vote, I am also pleased, so thank you very much,” Fran said. To this Fede replied only with a simple “No, I never said that.”

Finally, Francisca said in a mocking tone:” I saw that it was so, ” and then laughed again in a mocking tone, trying to be”bad”.

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This exchange of words was carefully observed by Pincoya and overheard by Cony, who spoke about it later in the evening. It was here that Jennifer turned out to be the most affected by Fede’s betrayal, because they had made a great friendship inside the house.

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