What If…? Season 2 Could Prove To Be The Final Nail In The Coffin Of Marvel’s Multiverse Saga

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) recently concluded a three-year-long journey into the multiverse, a venture that produced mixed results. As of 2023, the lasting impact of the Multiverse Saga appears limited to a handful of movies, the Loki series, and the ongoing animated anthology, What If…? While there’s a possibility that the saga could find its climax in the next Avengers installment, the uncertainty surrounding the untitled crossover film leaves fans guessing about the MCU’s next move. Could Avengers 5 be Kang Dynasty, Secret Wars, or even Avengers: Return of Thanos?

What’s Next for Marvel’s Multiverse?

One pivotal moment in the final episode of What If Season 2 hints at the saga’s potential conclusion. As the MCU only has one scheduled movie for 2024, did we witness a significant chapter quietly concluding? Let’s delve into the ending of What If Season 2 to unravel its implications.

What If Season 2’s Ending Explained

In the ninth episode of What If Season 2, Captain Carter and Kahhori confront a vengeful Strange Supreme, who has devised a plan to sacrifice numerous superheroes and villains to bring back the love of his life, Christine. The Watcher intervenes, offering to return Peggy to her home universe. However, she proposes more adventures, and as they look out onto Yggdrasil, the massive multiversal tree introduced in Loki Season 2, a subtle shift occurs.

Yggdrasil, initially seen as the culmination of the Multiverse in Loki, now signals a shift. Placed within the Time Loom, Loki created a space where multiverses coexist with minimal intervention. Threats like Kang the Conqueror are relegated to mere mentions in bureaucratic folders. The appearance of Yggdrasil in What If Season 2 seems to reinforce the idea that the multiverse is no longer a primary concern but a vast landscape open to exploration.

What It Means for Marvel’s Multiverse Saga

The inclusion of Yggdrasil suggests a consensus with the Loki finale – the multiverse is no longer a looming threat but an expansive realm awaiting exploration. With only one movie on the 2024 schedule, the MCU seems poised to move beyond the multiverse saga. This could mean that What If…? Season 3 can thrive as a self-contained anthology, free from the constraints of setting up future films.

While the multiverse served as the framing device for What If, the series can now evolve into a pure anthology, detached from overarching narratives. This opens the door for the MCU to venture into new, uncharted territories, unburdened by the complexities of a sprawling multiverse saga. As the dust settles on the Multiverse Saga, the MCU might be embarking on a journey towards bigger and better things, leaving behind the tangled web of interconnected multiverses for fresh, standalone narratives. At least, that’s one theory for the direction in which the MCU might be headed next.

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