When is Telethon 2023? Preparations for the solidarity event and what is the purpose

The countdown for the country’s largest solidarity event has begun. Find out here when the telethon is and what the goal is for this year.

A special solidarity crusade is lived year after year in our country, thanks to the telethon, the solidarity event led by Mario Kreutzberger and the National Television Association (Anatel), which aims to raise funds for the work of the institution and the hundreds of professionals. this helps with the rehabilitation and social integration of the more than 32 boys, girls and young people who are cared for in the various telethon centers in the country.

The managing director of Fundaci, Benjamin, D, commented: ” Teleportation is a very important milestone, and in recent years we have been forced to adapt for various reasons. this year we have the para-Pan-American Games, which fills us with pride, because many of the participating athletes did the telethon and were part of it.”

He also stressed that ” in this case, if we can do the telethon at a time before this competition, we believe that it will allow us to make the country visible and hopefully motivate to accompany these athletes who have shown us that they can give us a lot of satisfaction and joy.”

The solidarity campaign brings together television artists, influencers, actors, actresses, singers, dancers and athletes for 27 hours of a television marathon organized by Chilean television channels.

When is the telethon and what is the goal this year?

The 34th edition of the telethon will take place on November 10 and 11 at the Telethon Theatre at Mario Kreutzberger Straße #1531 near the Santa Ana metro station.

This year it is planned to exceed the amount of 37,327,475,057 dollars collected last year, which will be used for the operation and operation of the 14 existing institutes from Arica to Coyhaique.

Where will the closing show of the telethon take place?

TV presenter and campaign pioneer Mario Kreutzberger announced together with Mayor Macarena Ripamonti that the last show will take place at the Quinta Vergara in Vielita del Mar.

For the first time in the history of the solidarity event, the closing show will not take place at the National Stadium, which gives the people of the garden city the opportunity to take part in this incredible show, where several national and international artists perform.

Who is the ambassador of Telethon 2023?

The ambassador of the solidarity event this year is seven-year-old Amanda Mel9ndez, who lives in Limache and has been participating in the telethon since she was 7 months old, after she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and spastic biparesis. What she enjoys most about visiting the institute are the therapies, the volunteer work and the art workshop. Her favorite artists are Denise Rosenthal, Karol G and Shakira.

Amandita, as her parents Daniel and Sheyron call her, is a cat lover and a great advocate for the environment. Her favorite color is pink, and when she grows up, she wants to become a firefighter, nurse, doctor, teacher or chocolate maker.

This Wednesday he shared with the players of the Chilean team at the facilities of the Juan Pinto Duran Sports Complex, who are preparing to play against Peru this Thursday at the Monumental Stadium.

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