When will Blue Beetle be released on HBO Max? That’s what is known about the DC movie

The latest DC superhero who made it to the cinema will now debut in streaming. Test his performance this time with the online audience.

The Blue Beetle had a restrained, but rather positive performance in cinemas. Expectations for the film were uncertain after the box office disaster the Flash. However, Jaime Reyes defended himself and gained more followers than critics. Now it’s time for the premiere in streaming and that’s what is known about the arrival of the film on HBO Max .

The story gave a twist to superheroes as we knew them so far, because it introduced the world to the first Latino superhero in the ranks of the editors of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

And its director, Extraterrenngel Manuel Soto, was responsible for giving the film the Latin American flavor, both through the profile of the characters and the soundtrack full of successes. To some extent, this connected with the audience who got to see him on the big screen.

When is Blue Beetle coming to HBO MAX?

Although the film does not yet have an official release date for HBO Max for Latin America, it is known that Warner Bros.it does not allow much time to pass between its release in cinemas and its debut on the platform.

In fact, the” From the Cinema to Home ” initiative has added several recent releases to the streaming catalog, including: La Noche del Demonio, La Puerta Roja ; T7 ; Pearl ; Megalodon 2 ; Do me a favor and the Flash .

It was precisely the latter that premiered in theaters on June 15, and HBO Max came on August 25, less than three months later, an.In Considering that Blue Beetle premiered in theaters on August 17, the movie starring Colo Hubby Zheja could premiere on HBO Max in November.

This is because it is no longer among the main premieres that the platform has already announced for October. Therefore, we will have to wait a little longer for the film.

Synopsis of the Blue Beetle

The beetle, an ancient alien relic, chooses the student Jaime Reyes as a symbiotic host, in whose body he takes refuge. From that moment on, Jaime develops armor that gives him incredible and unpredictable powers.”

The cast of Blue Beetle

  • Xolo Maridue as Jaime Reyes
  • Becky G as Khaji-da (voice)
  • Bruna Marquezineas Jenny Kord
  • George Lopez as Rudy Reyes
  • Adriana Barrazaas Nana Reyes
  • Belissa Escobedoas Milagro Reyes
  • Susan Sarandon as Victoria Kord
  • Raoul Max Trujillo: Carapax

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