When will ‘the Promise’ air this week? RTVE changes its programming and thus influences the series

A new week is starting and for lovers of the small screen it means only one thing: new chapters to immerse ourselves in the stories of our favorite characters . The promise is unstoppable and the fiction of La 1 has managed from day one to conquer the public with its comings and goings.

The week before, the fiction changed its placement, adding two more chapters to its usual schedule. Without a doubt, a success of RTVE, which only reached its third audience record on Wednesday, September 20th . The plot between Curro and Martina on the one hand and that of Jana and Manuel on the other has brought together more than a million viewers.

However, despite the resounding success, the channel is returning to its usual schedule, albeit not this week . The promise will be cut this week, but it will pay off the next day. This is La 1’s schedule for the week of September 25-29, 2023:

Schedule changes for ‘the Promise’

La 1 is aware of the popularity of the period series and has decided this week to broadcast two episodes a day again. But this will be only on Monday, the 25th, and on Wednesday, the 27th, at the usual time. Likewise, La Promesa will not be broadcast on Tuesday because it coincides with the inauguration debate and will return to its usual schedule on Thursday with only one episode a day.

On the other hand, in addition to the double episode of the period series, two contents will be released on Wednesday, which the public has been demanding for some time. On the one hand, Jordi González will finally start his talk show with La Plaza . The presenter returns to the afternoons of public television from 18: 30 with a premiere, where Terelu Campos will sit on the set for the first time on September 5, after the recent death of the legendary TV presenter María Teresa Campos. .

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‘La Moderna’ already has a release date

La 1 has finally marked the premiere date of Salón de Té La Moderna , RTVE’s new daily series that will teleport viewers to Madrid in 1930, and the stories that will take place in a central hall between employees and customers. A fiction based on the novel Tea Rooms, which is broadcast on La 1 every afternoon during prime time, namely from 22: 40, but for the premiere they decided to broadcast it on all their channels at the same time.

For the new bet of the public broadcaster, the music will regain its magic and to interpret its main theme, they have chosen Pastora Soler with a song entitled La Moderna , composed specifically for the series and talking about the love story that plays in the film. Tea room, which gives its name to fiction.

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