Where To Watch One Piece Chapter 1079: Release Date, Trailer and more

After Kaido’s defeat, a character we met earlier in One Piece came to become Wano’s protector, which caused a lot of excitement among the townspeople .

Moments of happiness were experienced in the last episodes of one Piece, in which Luffy was finally able to defeat Kaido after a long and fierce battle; thus, he managed to free Wano Country from his clutches. This caused an outcry among its inhabitants, who thanked the straw hat pirate for freeing them from slavery after 20 years. However, the celebrations continued after a mysterious character returned to history, but this time with a completely different appearance than he remembered and with the conviction of being the new protector of the city.

If you want to know who it is, do not miss the following note in which we also give you all the details about the premiere of the next chapter of the anime based on the work of the mangaka Eiichiro Oda .

One Piece Chapter 1079 Release Date

The new episode of the anime directed by Konosuke Uda will be released on Sunday, October 8th.October 2023 , premiered. This series, launched in 1999, is still in the Wano-country arc , one of the longest in fiction, since it was first broadcast in 2019.

While it seemed that Kaido’s fall was coming to an end, there are still some important moments missing before the arrival of the egghead bow, which has been published in print for about a year already.

In the previous chapter of One Piece we could see the return of Momonosuke Kozuki, a character who was in the series several chapters ago and returned with a completely different appearance to become Wano’s new protector. This fact has brought to tears the inhabitants of the country, who can finally rejoice that they are no longer kaidos slaves.

Watch The Trailer For One Piece Chapter 1079

Where to watch One Piece Chapter 1079

Episode 1079 of One Piece, developed by the animation studio Toei, is visible through the Crunchyroll platform, a site that specializes in providing this type of content. It is important to note that all episodes of previous seasons, including their specials and films, can be viewed through this website. Another way to find them is “Netflix: However it can only be seen there until the 5th season.

How to Watch One Piece Chapter 1079

However, if you want to watch One Piece for FREE and ONLINE, you will have to wait for some time after the official premiere, because the only way to watch the series for free on platforms such as Anime FLV, AnimeFenix and AnimeID.among other things. Since these are sites dedicated to piracy and unauthorized distribution of this content, you must access them at your own risk.

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