Where to Watch Talk To Me: Synopsis, Cast, Trailer of the Movie

one of the most talked about horror releases of the year can be borrowed on Amazon Prime Video starting this Thursday. In the plot, a group of teenagers decides to play with an embalmed hand, which creates a channel of communication with the spirits. The Movie stars the actress Sophie Wilde (you don’t know me), who makes her Movie debut as the protagonist Mia, one of the girls most excited by the macabre acting.

In addition to Wilde, the Australian Movie also marks the directorial debut of twin brothers Danny and Michael Philippou, who are known for their YouTube channel RackaRacka. With its official launch at the Adelaide Festival, also in October 2022, Fale Comigo arrived on the 17th, remember the summary, the casting and see the effect of the horror Movie that conquered critics.

Synopsis of Talk To Me

Mia is a 17-year-old girl who is still trying to overcome the grief of her mother, who suffered an overdose almost two years ago. On the anniversary of her mother’s death, the young woman decides to meet with her friends, who promise her another night. At a party hosted by Hayley (Zoe Terakes) and Joss (Chris Alosio), Mia, her best friend Jade (Alexandra Jensen) and the young woman’s younger brother, Riley (Joe Bird), are invited to play with a mysterious embalmed hand that allows a ghost to take over the body of a living person.

To do this, you need to hold your hand and say: “Talk to me.” However, the rule is never to let the possession last more than 90 seconds, because there is a risk that the mind will refuse to leave this body. Addicted to adrenaline and hoping to communicate with her late mother, Mia tests the limits of the game. However, it does not take long for the dynamics to have serious consequences for the friend group.

Cast and Crew

Talk to Me has the main characters Mia from Sophie Wilde and the best friend of the protagonist Jade from the actress Alexandra Jensen (the Messenger). In addition, Joe Bird (Rabbit), Otis Dhanji (don’t Tell Me Goodbye) and Miranda Otto (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) round out the cast as Jade’s family, bringing her brother Riley, boyfriend Daniel and mother Sue to life.

Zoe Terakes (Ellie and Abbie) and Chris Alosio (Summer Turmoil) play Mia’s friends Hayley and Joss, who have the task of putting the sinister prank in the spotlight. Next to them, Marcus Johnson is Max, while Alexandria Steffensen (Eden) plays Rhea, the protagonist’s parents.

As already mentioned, Talk to Me is the first Movie of the twins Danny and Michael Philippou. The first brother signs the script alongside Bill Hinzman (Portraits of Death) and Daley Pearson (Thor: Love and Thunder). Finally, the duo Samantha Jennings and Kristina Ceyton will take over the production of the horror Movie.


Fale Comigo grossed just over $70 million, or about 361 million reais, at the worldwide box office, with an estimated budget of $ 4.5 million (23.2 million reais). The Movie also pleased the audience and critics. Currently, the Movie has 7.2 points on IMDb, according to more than 60 thousand reviews. It is also above average on Rotten Tomatoes: 95% of critics approved of the work, while 82% of the audience rated the title positively.

Collider journalist Chase Hutchinson did not praise the work with Sophie Wilde, calling the Movie a “funny show”. In addition, the professional highlights the possession scenes, “which are at the center of the Movie and have some of the most captivating sequences of the audience”.

Mark Kermode, critic of the Guardian, reiterates the praise, explaining that Fale Comigo manages to bring “a clever plot with a terror that entertains without resorting to scenes with cliched fears”. Kermode also states that it is not surprising that the audience liked the result, since the production is “not afraid to speak directly to the audience itself”.

Watch the trailer Talk to me

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